A Friend in Trouble

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) addresses the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual policy conference in 2013.
(Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

In his support for Israel and criticism of nuclear negotiations with Iran, Robert Menendez, the Democratic senator from New Jersey, has been fearless and vocal. In his 2012 re-election campaign, he was the top recipient of donations from pro-Israel individuals and groups who gave him a total of $346,470, according to the Center for Responsive… Read More

Safety … and Faith

Editorial Director

As negotiators from the United States and five other world nations tried to hammer out a nuclear agreement with Iran, Jewish community members here gathered at the Park Heights JCC to tackle what is probably a more pressing issue: fire safety. The message delivered by Dr. Eli Matt Goldstein, founder and president of a fire… Read More

Calling for a Boycott

In the article “Center of Attention” (March 6), writer Cnaan Liphshiz (of the JTA) describes the virulent and blatant anti-Semitism in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Jews are openly harassed and discriminated against there, and these countries still venerate the Nazis and their pathologic hatred of Jews. We can fight back against these anti-Semites. We can… Read More

Restarting U.S.-Israel Relationship Also Depends on Palestinians


As someone who was critical of several steps by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his campaign for re-election, I am even more troubled by statements coming out of the White House calling for a reassessment of policy toward Israel, including a reconsideration of the historic American veto in the U.N. Security Council. Let me… Read More

Fact: JVP Wages War on Israel

In its shockingly sympathetic and uncritical coverage of the annual membership meeting of Jewish Voice for Peace (“Jewish Voice for Peace Converges in Baltimore,” March 20), the JT mischaracterizes JVP as a benign organization whose “progressive look at the Middle East” emphasizes “sympathy toward the Palestinian people.” In fact, the JVP wages political warfare against… Read More

You Want Twisted Logic?

As a matter of full disclosure, why was it not noted that Alexander Murinson’s From This View (“Twisted Logic,” March 20) is a politically motivated piece of Israeli scholarship in the service of Azeri — and, ironically, Turkish — propaganda? Azerbaijan and Armenia are technically at war because of a dispute over Nagorno-Karabakh. The Jewish… Read More

Where Are JT’s Pro-Israel Articles?

Again, the JT is flying its ultra-liberal colors by running an article on something called Jewish Voice for Peace, which must be some kind of spinoff of J Street (“Jewish Voice for Peace Converges in Baltimore,” March 20). JVP seems to have had its annual convention, which drew about 200 people, in Baltimore. I would… Read More

JWRP: Project for All Affiliations

In response to Sol Edelman’s “Your Say” letter of March 27, I would like to share his concern that we, the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project, were represented as an Orthodox outreach organization in the JT’s “United Through Motherhood” (March 20). He felt that it was misleading, I totally agree. It is misleading and not true…. Read More

No Guilt Here

“Eating the Matzoh Diet” (March 27) provides us with two recipes and a host of information regarding alternate Passover foods. I was advised in the article to consider eating alternate Passover foods with the following in mind such as “fiber content, nutritious options, protein, healthier choices, liquid calories, antioxidants, gluten free and vitamins.” I will… Read More