Alabama Redeems Itself … Barely

Amid the amazing display of political rhetoric, the sexual-harassment state of Congress, Trump’s recent tax bill awaiting final passage, and within all the verbal diarrhea, everyone lost the main point of this week’s Alabama senate election. This was not an election to decide whether Alabama favored a Republican candidate or a Democratic candidate. This was… Read More

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Parshat Miketz

Pharaoh dreamt of seven fat cows that were swallowed up by seven lean cows. Then he dreamt again, of seven healthy ears of corn devoured by seven withered ears. Pharaoh’s advisers saw seven daughters to be born to Pharaoh, but then they would die. That was the thinking in the decadent Egyptian society of the… Read More

Applaud Trump!

As usual, the JT’s anti-Trump bias colors the reality of the president’s announcement that recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel (“All Sizzle, No Steak,” Dec. 8). You give Trump no credit and even denigrate him. Where is your journalistic integrity? No other president had ever taken any action to tell the world that Jerusalem… Read More

An Opportunity for USY

Thank you for publishing “Conservative Movement Faces Allegations of Sexual Abuse” (Dec. 8). I have recently learned that our leaders are “unaware” of what has been described as an “underground” point system being used by our USYers. I suggest that the United Synagogue Youth arm of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism becomes better informed… Read More

Entitlement Cuts Are Next

In the past, House Speaker Paul Ryan’s proposals for entitlement reform have been criticized as being draconian, since they seem to put an extreme small-government ideology ahead of the needs of the elderly, children, the poor and the ill. They still do. With the Republicans’ new and unfolding tax plan, which appears to overwhelmingly provide… Read More

Clashes Did Not Spontaneously ‘Erupt’

After President Donald Trump announced U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital last week, the world readied itself for the reaction from Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims. And in the statements that followed from world leaders, it was sometimes hard to know what was a prediction, what was a provocation and what was a license for… Read More

Hope for Peace

As the holiday season nears, so too do the opportunities to see friends and family, to worship together and to celebrate our Jewish history and heritage. Chanukah observance may vary a little from house to house, but some things remain constant: commemorating the miracle of the oil, the smell and sizzle of latkes and sufganiyot,… Read More

My Special Latkes

Anyone with a Jewish mother knows that no matter how old you get, they still get you “special” things. Whether they want you to wear your special Chanukah sweater or they made chicken just how you like it, the Jewish mother’s ability to accommodate her children is boundless and ageless. In my case, it means… Read More

If We Are Only for Ourselves, What Are We?

Baltimore City Councilman Isaac “Yitzy” Schleifer has been criticized for his role in directing almost $50,000 of public safety Video Lottery Terminal slots funds to purchase a new patrol vehicle for Shomrim, the volunteer community watch group that serves areas of Baltimore City and Baltimore County, and $265,000 for a new ambulance for Hatzalah, a… Read More

The Complexities of the Jerusalem Decision

President Trump actually fulfilled yet another foreign policy campaign promise: the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by an American president. Am I witnessing a political miracle of tectonic proportions or is this explosive history in the making? Listening to U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, you might be forgiven for thinking chickens… Read More