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Ephraim and Menashe: Breaking Tradition & Birth Order

 Parshat Veyechi (Genesis 47:28-50:26) This week’s Torah portion, Vayechi, starts with Jacob about to die. Joseph, Jacob’s favored son, goes to him with his own...

On Yosef and Chanukah, Specialness and Vulnerability

My father once pointed out to me a strange reference in a prayer said during the priestly blessing: We ask to be blessed like...
Rabbi Elliot Kaplowitz served as co-Director of the OU Seif Jewish Learning Initiative at Brandeis and as Rabbi in Residence at Beth Tfiloh Congregation before his current position at Congregation Netivot Shalom.

Joseph and Chanukah: A Declaration of Jewish Pride Parshat Miketz (Genesis 41:1–44:17)

Parshat Miketz tells the story of Joseph’s rise to power in Egypt and the tests he imposes on his brothers. We always read the...
Lev Eisner is a seventh grader at Krieger Schechter Day School (KSDS) in Baltimore.

Truth in the Eye of the Interpreter Vayeshev (Genesis 37:1-40:23)

When Joseph is in jail, he interprets dreams for two fellow prisoners, Pharaoh’s former cupbearer and baker. He gives them opposite prophecies: The cupbearer...
Rabbi Hyim Shafner

Finding G-d in the Dark

In this week’s Torah portion, Vayishlach, Jacob travels with his family back to the land of Israel, away from his uncle Laban’s house, where...

Looking Back, Looking Ahead : Vayetzei

By Sam Abraham Vayetzei (Genesis 28:10–32:3) My bar mitzvah Torah portion, Vayetzei, is about Jacob’s dream. Jacob runs away from his brother, Esav, after stealing Esav’s...

Parenting Made Easy Toldot (Genesis 25:19–28:9)

Mount Everest blindfolded, a three-minute mile, a Mars landing — they are all a piece of cake compared to raising emotionally healthy children. Yet, going...

The Akeida: The Ultimate Test

At the end of this week’s Torah portion Vayeira, we read about the last of the 10 tests in which G-d tested our forefather...
Headshot of smiling middle-aged man in white dress shirt and yellow tie with a blond and white short-cropped beard.

A Revolutionary Choice of Words

Who is the first person in the Torah to say “please”? “Please say you are my sister” (Genesis 12:13). Those words were said by Abraham to...

What’s in a Number?

This fall, the number eighteen has even more profound connotations, significance and poignancy, since 18 had ties to two autumn events: the Jewish High...