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People of the Book What Imagination Can Do for Jews

Places like Pikesville are where creativity goes to die. Pikesville is a place where the most temperamentally conservative people, born lower-middle class, found an upper middle class living by doing exactly what their parents and teachers ordered them to do to the letter of the crossed t and dotted i. The average Pikesville resident did… Read More

People of the Book Happy 97th, Bubbie

In 1920, Tirtza Katz, née Gordon, was pregnant with her only child, Malkeh, when she escaped on what might have been the last train out of Russia with her husband, Abraham, before the border closed irrevocably for 70 years. Malkeh was born in Danzig and in a few months would be in America and named… Read More

People of the Book These Are Your Books!

If the average American reader in 1970 (and surely there were many more then) were asked which authors’ books they look forward to reading, the names would certainly include Bellow, Malamud, Roth, Singer, Ozick, Heller, Potok, Mailer, Paley, Salinger, Asimov, Uris, Wouk, Levin, Grade, Gladshteyn … I’m sure you know where this is going. Jewish… Read More

People of the Book Isaac Bashevis Singer Told the Truth About Us

On Aug. 3, 2004, I was sitting in the expensive London garden of a rich Jewish friend from my father’s grad school, all too relaxed in her gorgeously lush English garden that overlooked one of the world’s loveliest public parks.  I’d spent myself broke three times that summer to engorge myself upon theater and concerts as… Read More

People of the Book The Xanadu of Kosher Food

Remember Miracle Market? The kosher supermarket that was open for just a few years in the ’90s? It was owned by the children of landsleit from my zaydie’s shtetl. My parents always remained friendly with them, and I vividly remember them joking around. My father once pitched them an idea for a advertising slogan: “Miracle… Read More

People of the Book The Jewish Responsibility

A friend of mine who may or may not be Marc Shapiro shared an article yesterday from the Forward about a Jewish journalist who saw the whole Charlottesville massacre transpire — and in circumstances like that, even one dead is a massacre. The article contained this quote: “Supporters broke out spontaneously with calls ‘The goyim… Read More

People of the Book The Hedgehog and The Fox

The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing. The fox skits about, collecting from every place it can reach; the hedgehog collects exclusively from the small piece of land under which it burrows. The fox is clever and social, he easily escapes conflict and blends into his surroundings. The hedgehog is dogged and… Read More

People of the Book The New Jewish Elite

When you grow up in 1990s Pikesville, you know a lot of overachievers, and you became too comfortable in their company. You begin to wonder how you came from a place where so many people seemed marked from birth for the super-class, and if you’re not one of them, bitterness can grow within you like… Read More