Eric McCormick (Provided)

You Should Know … Eric McCormick

Columbia resident Eric McCormick runs Critter’s Inflatable, which makes life jackets for our four-legged friends. His dad started the company eight years ago after getting a patent and turned the business over to his son last year. McCormick, 35, grew up in Bowie and Severna Park, attended Temple Solel in Bowie and became involved in… Read More

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Gourmet and Kosher: It Can Happen

In honor of this year’s dedicated volunteers — Henry and Fran Reitberger and Dr. Michael and Ora Noorani — and in celebration of delicious kosher food available locally, Ner Tamid is hosting “an evening of culinary delights,” The New Taste of Kosher Baltimore, on Monday May 30 at 7 p.m. The menu creations come from… Read More


Power of Choice

We may take it for granted — the growing battles in state capitals throughout the American South and Midwest to limit reproductive choice, notwithstanding — that women today, in ideal, law and practice, are masters of their own destiny. As one is poised to  become the first of her gender to stand atop a major… Read More

Alyson Greenberg (Provided)

Yoga, Flexible In More Ways Than One

For Alyson Greenberg, who suffers from scoliosis, a lateral curvature of the spine, yoga isn’t just a form of exercise, it’s become an alternative to surgery. “I had lower back pain and wanted to do something about it besides medicine. Somebody said, ‘Why don’t you try yoga?’” Greenberg said. After her first class, it wasn’t… Read More

The Donens in 1956 (provided)


Ellen & Chuck Donen First Date: January 1955 Wedding Date: June 24, 1956 Venue: Union Temple, Brooklyn, New York Residence: North Oaks in Pikesville Favorite Activity: Being together   Ellen Krakower and Charles Donen first met on a blind date in Brooklyn, N.Y. A friend arranged a blind date for Ellen and asked her to… Read More

Athena Hoffberger (left) and Julie Lilienfeld started Wishbone Reserve in 2014 after the two entrepreneurs met and shared their vision  of opening a consignment store with unique, well-made merchandise. (Daniel Schere)

The Jewel of Mount Washington

The vast selection of oriental rugs, vintage dresses, crafts and even a moose’s head that adorn Wishbone Reserve in Mount Washington are enough to give even the casual customer a topic of conversation for the dinner table. But it is co-owners Julie Lilienfeld, 33, and Athena Hoffberger, 37, who turned a conversation three years ago… Read More

(David Stuck)

Start Your Summer with Yummy, Healthy Foods

Memorial Day weekend truly announces the beginning of everything summer. Juicy redberries and blueberries march out in time for our patriotic red, white and blue summer holidays. Of all the berries looking for attention, those blackberries call out to me the most.  They are simple, dark and juicy, and you can eat them, cook or… Read More

Rebecca Alban Hoffberger (Courtesy of the American Visionary Arts Museum)

Movers and Shapers

Baltimore has long been celebrated for its thriving arts scene, but far less commonly honored are those behind the scenes: the directors, curators and coordinators responsible for bringing the art to life. Though not sharing as directly in the glamour and glory of shows as artists or performers, their impact is arguably more immediate in… Read More


Do you believe that any of the trials of Baltimore City police officers involved in the Freddie Gray case will result in convictions?