Jewzeum Offers Exercise in Jewish Pride

The fifth-grade class of Beth Shalom Congregation’s religious school was replaced on Sunday, May 21 by some of the most famous Jews in modern history as a part the first annual Jewzeum. After approximately six weeks of research and work, the students embodied a variety of Jewish personalities, from Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Bernie Sanders… Read More

Rabbis Riff on Passover Six rabbis talk about the modern-day meaning of the holiday

Every year on Passover, Jewish communities the world over read from the Haggadah to hear the story of the Jewish people’s enslavement and to celebrate our liberation. The story doesn’t change year to year, but as local rabbis explained to the JT, its deep meaning is multifaceted, and the Passover story continues to have essential… Read More

For Now, Howard’s Sanctuary Bill Is Denied

On the evening of Feb. 9, Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman vetoed CB-9, a bill introduced to the County Council with the intent of declaring Howard County a “sanctuary” for immigrants and refugees. Only after the word “sanctuary,” the primary foundation for the bill, was removed did the council vote to pass the bill 3-2… Read More