Members of Repair the World and other Jewish organizations tailgated with a purpose on Sunday, Sept. 10. While watching the Ravens topple the Cincinnati Bengals, more than 200 locals participated in the Day to Unite initiative, which featured a slew of projects to benefit those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Chabad Rabbis See Devastated Houston

At first, the older couple waved off the offer of help. But Rabbi Sholom Deitsch of Chabad Lubavitch of Northern Virginia was patient and persistent. Only days before Hurricane Irma struck Florida, Deitsch had come to Houston last week with 50 other Chabad rabbis to help people in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The people… Read More

Jewish Community Mobilizes for Texas

Maayan Bobylev has had a front-row seat to the unprecedented decimation from Hurricane Harvey in Houston, which poured two feet of rain on the area last weekend and made a second landfall in Louisiana Wednesday. She lives in the Nob Hill Apartments, situated on Brays Bayou, which overflowed onto the streets. In the heavily Jewish… Read More