Camp Louise Breaks Ground on $2M Theater Honoring Former Camper

Jill Bearman never let her illness stamp out her spark. And the Pikesville girl’s legacy will continue with the completion of Jill’s Place, a 700-seat theater expected to open at Camp Louise in summer 2018. Nestled in the hills of Western Maryland, the all-girls camp became a home away from home for Bearman, who spent… Read More

Israeli Greenhouse Project Reaches American Soil at Camp Airy and Louise

Camp-goers kicked off their July 26 afternoon at the Open Greenhouse by catching three crayfish, which they released into the Camp Airy aquaponics pond. The 8- and 9-year-olds then huddled around counselor Luke Hutkin, 23, as he instructed them on how to make sunburn cream using vegetable glycerin, aloe vera and essential oils, including peppermint,… Read More

Could It Be Magic? The Transformative Power of Sleepaway Camp

Renowned child psychologist Michael Thompson, author of “Homesick and Happy: How Time Away from Parents Can Help a Child Grow,” has written that there are three reasons that the residential camp experience remains so magical: being away from one’s parents; the relationship between campers and counselors; and inhabiting a camp’s “private world with its own… Read More