Being Zayde Lights, Camera, Chanukah!

The holiday of eight crazy nights, as Adam Sandler would say, is almost here, and however you spell it, Chanukah is our time to light candles to commemorate … what? Yes, we know the story of how one day’s oil burned for eight nights, but what does this Chanukah celebration really mean? The kids get… Read More

Being Zayde Veterans: A Special Breed

Throughout history the world has depended on fighting men, and increasingly fighting women, to stand up to authority and threats to personal safety and to defend cultures. Many have died for both good reasons and bad, but the injured (psychologically and physically) have carried the experience of veterans to an extreme. The quiet among us… Read More

Being Zayde Sharing Holidays

Thinking about the people I have been sharing the holidays with over recent weeks has me considering ways those moments can make a difference in the coming year. My family is simply filled with incredible people and love that created beautiful memories. The friends with whom we shared moments are really like an extended family,… Read More

Being Zayde Embrace the Gift

No, you did not miss it. Yes, there’s still time, and maybe, just maybe, this is your year. “Really?” you might say. “Yes, really,” I would say. Each of us gets this gift each year if we only embrace it and make it important to us. Last month, I asked you to prepare for a… Read More

Make It a Smooth Landing

Not unlike an airplane “gearing down” for a smooth landing, this time of year finds many of us in the middle of summer preparing for all life brings in September and the fall season. Some of us are in the second camp session; college bound are preparing for the new semester; and many of us… Read More

Being Zayde Why Is the Sky Blue?

There certainly are a few scientific explanations about the color of the sky and how our atmosphere interacts with the sun’s rays to play tricks on our eyes to show us “color.” There is more to it than that. Remember, we are made in G-d’s image. What we see should be a reminder of grace… Read More

Join the Club

If you are reading the JT then you are already part of a club even if you think, like me, that you would “not join a club that would have me as a member.” There are many types of clubs one could join or just be considered part of. No, I am not talking about… Read More

We Met 38 Years Ago

There are two celebrated people in my life who I met 38 years ago. One of them is my wife, the other welcomed me to the life I chose at the age of 21. If we pay attention to people around us, we should be able to recognize those who bring meaning — real meaning… Read More