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A Healthy Dose?
Anti-vaccine movement creates tension in Jewish community
By Simone Ellin
082914_cover-smAs children return to school this week, some parents, physicians and scientists are engaged in an increasingly fierce debate over the safety and necessity of childhood vaccinations for diseases such as polio, hepatitis B, pertussis, diphtheria and chicken pox. CONTINUE>>

Anatomy of a Cease-Fire
No matter what, both Israel and Hamas face gains and losses
By Dmitriy Shapiro
082914_ceasefire-smAfter numerous failed attempts at achieving a lasting cease-fire between the Hamas government and Israel (there have been at least 11 as of press time), negotiators in Cairo on Tuesday claimed to have reached a new cease-fire agreement. CONTINUE>>

Sailing Forward
Orthodox camp grows into sustainable entity
By Hanni R. Werner
082914_sailing-smThe scene couldn’t be more picturesque: placid waters hugging a sandy shore and several small JY-15 sailboats bobbing along on a sea that expands far into the distance. CONTINUE>>

How His Garden Grows
Baltimore transplant brings beauty to Quarry Lake
By Simone Ellin
082914_quarry-lake-smWhen Dr. Len Muller is not at the Bridge Club in Pikesville or visiting his grandchildren in Ellicott City, he can probably be found tending the flowerbeds he designed and planted at Bluestone Park near his condominium at Quarry Lake at Greenspring. CONTINUE>>

A Lifelong Connection
Masa Israel Journey provides unique opportunities for young Jewish adults
By Allie Freedman
082914_masa-smStarting in just a couple of days, nearly 250 young Jewish adults from Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., will leave their American homes and hop on a plane to the Holy Land. CONTINUE>>

What We Need Is Healthy Communication

By Joshua Runyan
runyan_josh_otBack-to-school season is firmly upon us, and with the sales on school supplies just recently ended, the big yellow buses have returned local streets to quagmires of morning and afternoon traffic. CONTINUE>>



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