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Aliyah During Wartime
Americans immigrating to Israel not deterred by Operation Protective Edge
By Joshua Runyan
080114_cover_smJERUSALEM — David and Helaine Brenner had a real Israeli welcome last week, as they prepared to leave Ben-Gurion International Airport to embark on their new lives as Israeli citizens. CONTINUE>>

Israeli Teen Speaks to the World
Ashkelon resident interviewed just after her home was damaged
By Justin Hayet
080114_ashkelon_smWhile home by herself, Anat Suissa, 17, of Ashkelon heard the all-too-familiar sound of sirens signaling rockets from the Gaza Strip destined for the Israeli seaside city. CONTINUE>>

Media Bias? Depends Who You Ask
Those following the situation in the Middle East have differing opinions on the media landscape
By Marc Shapiro
080114_mediabias_smWith virtually every media outlet in the world covering the current fighting between Israel and Hamas, consumers, media savvy or not, are inevitably barraged with a variety of news reports, articles and photos that may paint very different pictures. CONTINUE>>

No Meat, No Problem!
Area kosher restaurants offer alternative dining options
By Allie Freedman
080114_ninedays_smFrom chicken soup to cholent, Jews love their meat. With a vast array of kosher meat restaurants in the Baltimore area, Jewish meat eaters are spoiled for choice when it comes to dining out. CONTINUE>>

Working Together
Faith leaders meet with governor on immigration crisis
By Heather Norris
080114_faith_smWhile uncertainty continues over how to quell the rush of young migrants crossing the Mexican border into the U.S. illegally and what to do with the children awaiting trials that will determine their fate, one thing is assured in Maryland: local faith leaders will have a large role in any upcoming action. CONTINUE>>

Going It Alone

By Joshua Runyan
runyan_josh_otBack in February, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry warned of the consequences facing Israel if the American-led peace talks between the Jewish state and its Palestinian neighbors fell apart. CONTINUE>>



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