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Welcome The Stranger
Many in the Jewish community along the Mexican border take a humanitarian stand in the contentious immigration crisis
By Heather Norris
072514_coverstory-smIn the past nine months, more than 50,000 children have entered the United States illegally, many of them fleeing violence and gangs in Central American countries. CONTINUE>>

Ground Incursion Hits Home
Beth Tfiloh graduate among injured, two U.S. citizens killed
By Marc Shapiro
072514_israel-smThe human cost of Israel’s ground incursion in the Gaza Strip hit close to home in the United States this week, with a Beth Tfiloh graduate hospitalized and Jewish communities in Los Angeles and South Texas losing members in the fighting. CONTINUE>>

And, the Price is Right
For kosher meat lovers, Serengeti’s menu is a diner’s delight
By Joshua Runyan
072514_serengeti-smMeat lovers rejoice, because there’s a new kosher game in town that rivals in both price and quality the wood-paneled, white-tableclothed varieties that have for years plied their trade in offering decidedly treif hunks of juicy steak. CONTINUE>>

A Communal Responsibility

By Joshua Runyan
runyan_josh_otThree decades ago, faith communities across the Southwestern United States, seeing as their moral duty to protect the downtrodden and vulnerable from what they saw as an almost certain death sentence, decided to break the law and harbor illegal immigrants who had arrived from Central America. CONTINUE>>

JCC Employee Charged
Swim instructor tried to solicit sex from teenage boys
By Marc Shapiro
072514_molestation_smA JCC Aquatic Center employee has been charged with sexual solicitation of a minor after telling an undercover detective posing as a juvenile that he wanted to engage in sexual activity with two teenage boys, according to Baltimore County Police. CONTINUE>>

A Love of Israel, Inside and Out
Aaron Leibel’s novel ‘Generations’ tells of the Jews’ closeness to the land
By David Holzel
072514_liebel-smAaron Leibel is Washington Jewish Week’s copy editor and former arts editor. Copy editing is a job that requires him to confine himself to the minutiae of writing — syntax, spelling and the errant double space. But two years ago, Leibel decided to open himself up and let his imagination roam across the long span of Jewish history. CONTINUE>>



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