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Family Owned & Proud of It
Despite shift in funeral industry, Sol Levinson stays true to the community
By Heather Norris
082214_cover_sm>For most people, a bad day at the office might involve bad coffee, an angry customer or a tidal wave of emails. For the Levinson family, all of that pales in comparison to burying a child, something it does on a relatively regular basis. CONTINUE>>

New Lease on Life
There’s a cure for Hepatitis C, but it comes with a cost
By Allie Freedman
082214_hepatitis_smNot many people who battle drug addiction and Hepatitis C live to tell about it. Yet, 62-year-old Baltimorean and former county drug czar Mike Gimbel fought and conquered both. CONTINUE>>

Prize-Winning Provisions
Local doctor brings home the ribbons for his culinary creations
By Melissa Gerr
082214_Statefair-smDr. Steven Adashek is expert at many things: from birthing babies to baking bread. The latter has garnered him much attention from judges at the Maryland State Fair, where, in 2011, he won the highest Home Arts honor possible, the prestigious Hellen Burns Smyth Award — the “best of” across all possible categories — for his challah bread, his first-ever entry in that division. CONTINUE>>

Finding Balance in Both Life and Death

By Joshua Runyan
runyan_josh_otNobody likes dealing with the dead. So many of us view it as a necessary evil: Attending to the burial of a loved one is seen as a crucial part of the mourning process, but it is never embraced as something to be anticipated. It is what it is, much like death itself. CONTINUE>>

Recipe for a Heated Competition
Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament final is this week
By Jennifer Waldera
082214_chef_smNow in its fourth summer of fierce competition, the annual Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament has enjoyed ever-increasing popularity, and two individuals involved since the tournament’s inception played a big part in creating that success. CONTINUE>>

Around the Clock
At last, Jews have an international all-news channel to call their own
By Jim Williams
082214_i24-smFor many years Jews in the United States and throughout the world longed for an all-cable news channel that really understood Israel. And for years, networks such as CNN, BBC, MSNBC, Fox News, France 24 and Al Jazeera have come up short in presenting Israel’s side of the story, especially when covering the Palestinian conflicts. CONTINUE>>



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