Heather_NorrisHeather is a Baltimore transplant. Raised in Rochester, N.Y., she received her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Long Island University in 2012 and her master’s in magazine, newspaper and online journalism from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School in 2013.

In addition to working for numerous school publications, Heather also worked as the chief sports editor at LIU’s Pioneer student newspaper and taught an introductory video production class at S.U.

When she’s not working, Heather enjoys distance running and playing field hockey, a sport she played for four years at the collegiate level.

For more information, visit https://sites.google.com/site/norrisheatherleigh/ or follow @heatherleeeigh on Twitter.


  1. Cassia Parson


    I would like to suggest an idea for a story for the JT. While I admit to a bit of maternal pride, I would like to suggest an article about my two sons, Jory (18) and Slade (15), who both currently attend Pikesville High School as a senior and freshman respectively. What is unique, is that they are both on the varsity lacrosse team together and are the leading scorers of the team that is currently 7-1. Jory has more than 46 goals plus assists and Slade has 20 goals with a substantial number of assists. As a sportswoman yourself, you would understand the skill and thrill of being able, for the first time, to play a sport with your sibling. The last time a brother duo played at Pikesville it was the Schwartzman brothers who went on to play in college. While he will be attending the University of Maryland, College Park, Jory had decided to not play in college to better focus on his studies.

    I thought that it would be a nice topic for an article and a family legacy since my husband also played lacrosse at Pikesville from 78-80. This all ties in with the schools 50th anniversary coming up May 4th.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.
    Cassia Parson