WIT Melave Malka

December 21, 2013

8:00 pm

Bnai Jacob Shaarei Zion

6600 Park Heights Avenue

Students of the Year:  Mrs. Dena Lerner Gerber and Mrs. Arleeta Lerner

Young Leadership Award:  Mrs. Leah Berry

Keynote Address:  Rabbi Shmuel Silber

Sponsored in loving memory of CELIA FIRESTEIN

The Rebbetzin Frieda K. Hirmes Women’s Institute of Torah (WIT) was founded upon the conviction that every aspect of a Jewish woman’s life is deepened and enriched through her connection to Judaism.  With this in mind, WIT provides continuing education courses and programs to the women of the Baltimore Jewish community.  Courses and programs are designed to enhance personal knowledge and enrich one’s Jewish experience.

Dena is an active participant in all WIT programs. She has been attending classes for many years and was a participant on WIT’s second mission to Israel. Her desire to learn and grow is infectious and trickles down throughout her entire family. There is little that can keep Dena from attending any WIT function, shiur or event. Her quiet and good natured manner belies her strong determination and commitment to learn, grow and be inspired. Dena is frequently accompanied to yomei iyun and special programs by her daughter in law, Arleeta.  Arleeta, who resides in Silver Spring, teaches at the Torah School of Greater Washington and although this occupies a lot of her time, she makes attending WIT programs a priority. She is a regular attendee at every yom iyun as well as WIT’s summer program.  Arleeta is a perfect example of someone who carves out time in her busy life to attend WIT and grow both intellectually and spiritually.

Leah is a WIT board member par excellance. She has spearheaded our efforts to increase WIT’s Young Women’s Division membership and programming. Through her communal work at The Associated and now at AIPAC, Leah has her hands on the pulse of the Baltimore Jewish community. The entire organization has benefited from Leah’s expertise. When her busy schedule allows, she attends WIT’s yomei iyun and special lectures and looks forward to the day when her daughters will be part of the next generation of WIT students. Leah understands the value of continuing one’s Jewish education and the positive impact that it can have on oneself and family.

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