Tikkun L’eil Shavuot

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Date(s) - Tuesday, May 30, 2017
7:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Har Sinai Congregation


Shavuot Evening Service followed by a Study Session and Reception
“4 of the 70 Faces of Torah”

The Midrash teaches us that there are 70 Faces of Torah (Bemidbar Rabbah 13, 15). The number 70 is a traditional number that indicates a large amount. Indeed, there are many ways of understanding our text. Each letter, each word, each verse and each story can be understood in a myriad of ways. Our Tikkun L’eil Shavuot will present 4 teachers from our Congregation, each with their own take on Torah, on this night of Shavuot when Torah is revealed to us once again. Join Rabbi Linda Joseph, Cantor Robert Gerber, Rabbi Floyd Herman and Pamela Mandell to encounter 4 of the multiple ways of seeing Torah face-to-face.

Please bring a favorite dairy dish to share