The Mathematical and Mystical Secrets of the Aleph Bet

Rabbi Laurie Green
Rabbi Green is the dynamic new rabbi of Congregation Bet Mishpachah in Washington. She comes to this area from Temple Beth Zion in Buffalo, NY (Reform) where she was the highly-regarded associate rabbi. She has already garnered a reputation in her new home here as an exciting and challenging teacher.

Sunday, April 27
11:15 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.
Oakland Mills High School/CJCS

And G-d spoke and the world came into being.
G-d’s creative power turned into words; G-d’s alphabet turned into sounds – and the world came into being.

In Kabbalah/medieval Jewish mysticism the alef-bet of creation is filled with mysteries and magical potency. Rabbi Green will help us unlock some of those mysteries by exploring the secrets and power in the name of God, as well as the numerical keys to unlock those secrets and enter into the creative stream that connects the Source of Being and our created world.

Join us and learn a bit of Kabbalah, a bit of mystery and magic. This will be a fun-filled, fact-filled session of learning with an exciting teacher we’re eager to welcome to CJC.