Soul Body Barre Workout + Great Grains and Amazing Greens

Soul Body Barre Workout + Great Grains and Amazing Greens

Wednesday, September 24

5:30-7 pm

Energize, strengthen and nourish your body! Begin with Soul Body’s invigorating workout to tighten your core and tone your thighs, hips and seat (30 minutes). Then discover the superhero-like powers of kale and quinoa in recipe demonstrations and tastings. Learn ways to incorporate these and other super greens and grains into meals. Find out about their health benefits, and taste simple side dishes so flavorful, you’ll say farewell to potatoes and steamed broccoli.

Pure foods and small movements that work deep into the muscles are the foundation of Soul Body workshops. Soul Body founders Ann Marie Barbour and Stacey Vandiver transform these elements into unique experiences that empower people to achieve their bodies’ full potential. Their popular workshops are shaped by Ann Marie and Stacey’s extensive travel, research, classical Pilates training, and network of fitness and nutrition experts.


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