National Aquarium’s Blacktip Reef exhibit officially opens!

Beginning July 10, 2013, guests will be able to enjoy Blacktip Reef, a breathtaking new exhibit full of color, light and movement located in the heart of National Aquarium.

As National Aquarium guests enjoy the coral-filled exhibit, replicating an Indo-Pacific reef, they can feel their heart race as a pack of blacktip reef sharks speed toward them. They may take a deep breath as they witness the rise and fall of a 5-foot-wide whipray’s massive fins beneath their feet. Explore deeper and they may spot an ornate wobbegong shark camouflaged against the reef bottom.

New species will join some of National Aquarium’s beloved animals including Calypso, the 500-pound green sea turtle, and zebra sharks Zeke and Zoe, in their new home.

Blacktip Reef is active with life that guests can experience from many vantage points, including a new floor-to-ceiling pop-out viewing window that allows guests to virtually come face-to-face with the animals.

The namesake animal of the new exhibit, the blacktip reef shark, is a smaller shark species that can grow to about six feet in length and bears distinctive black tips on its fins. Blacktip reef sharks are found in the shallow waters of the Indo-Pacific, hanging around reefs to feed. These sharks are sleek, beautiful, fast-moving, and hunt cooperatively in groups.

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