Mini ReJewvenate

9:30 am –10:00 am: David Phillip Gresser Sanctuary
10:00 am –10:30 am: Mindful Meditation
10:30 am –11:30 am: Jewish Yoga

Begin with a short service at 9:30 am, and Mindful Meditation with Cantor Eisenberg at 10:00 am: Enhance your awareness of your Soul connection to God and each other. Enjoy a few minutes of relaxed introspection and Divine connection through the medium of meditation and Torah reflection.
Then, experience the art of Jewish Yoga OR remain in the David Phillip Gresser Sanctuary at 10:30 am for Torah service.
Jewish Yoga: Mussar is an ancient Jewish form of spiritual self-transformation and yoga is an ancient Asian form of spiritual transformation. Together they offer a comprehensive system for transformation of the whole self–body and soul.