McDonogh’s Tuttle Gallery to Feature Work of Edna Emmet

The Tuttle Gallery at McDonogh School is proud to present “15 Years of Movement, Color, Texture, and Light,” an exhibit of the work of local artist Edna Kurtz Emmet on display from October 21 through November 29. The show features a collection of 24 paintings, created over the last 15 years, as well as a series of large photographs of Emmet’s brushes and paint by photographer Ran Zeimer.

Emmet describes her tools as colors, movement, light, and texture and says of the creative experience, “I apply the colors onto the canvas and delve into their sensuality and their effects on my psyche. I energize the surface with movement and a play between light and dark until I feel as if the paint is pushed up towards me, and the space between the painting and my eyes is alive. The exciting moment is when I recognize the situation on the canvas as fulfilled and not needing my assistance anymore. Then, the painting is finished.”

The Tuttle Gallery provides a forum for artists to show their work to both the school community and the public at large.