Kitchen Kaizen

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Date(s) - Wednesday, September 6, 2017
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

University of Maryland Extenion, Baltimore County


Have You QUESTIONED. . .
• If your milk went bad?
• Should I wash my Chicken?
• If my leftovers are going to make me sick?
• Is my burger done?
• The best way to wash produce?
• How can I teach my family good hand-washing techniques?

Come join Dr. Shauna Henley, and learn ways to improve your meals, no matter how long you have been preparing food for yourself and others. This workshop will let you get your hands dirty and clean! Return home with the tools, confidence, and knowledge to avoid a kitchen calamity. Kitchen Kaizen is a new program offered by the University of Maryland Extension. Never be satisfied, because change (kai) is good (zen).

This program is to keep everyday home cooks up-to-date on the latest science and techniques to best prevent unnecessary foodborne illness.