“It’s Your Turn!”

August Program:  “It’s Your Turn!”

 The JGSMD will hold its next program in the Pikesville Library’s meeting room on Sunday, August 24, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Refreshments will be available. Throughout the past year, we’ve featured entertaining and informative presentations by speakers, but now it’s time for our group members to take a turn. Please join us at the meeting and bring something to share!

Part 1: Show-and-Tell!

All of our members are invited to bring something related to their own family history or research to share with the group. Perhaps you’ve inherited your grandmother’s candlesticks or Seder plate. Maybe your grandfather’s tallis was passed down to you. Or possibly you have a portrait of an ancestor or a snapshot taken long ago at a family gathering. Even if you don’t possess any keepsakes from your ancestors, you may be able to show us a printout of their Ellis Island passenger manifest or a picture of the shtetl in which they lived. Please bring your item to show to the group (of course, don’t bring anything that’s extremely valuable or fragile), and tell us a little bit about the person it belonged to or how you received or discovered it. In addition, if you’ve joined us on our group trip to New York City or attended the 2014 IAJGS Conference in Salt Lake City, please tell us about your experiences and finds.

Part 2: Translations

If you would like a translation of a short passage written in a foreign language, our group members may be able to help. Please bring the original document (or, preferably, a photocopy) to the meeting. We’re also asking members with expertise in a foreign language to volunteer their help in translating. We will have some language dictionaries and translation aids available, but please feel free to bring your own. If you plan to bring an item for translation, or if you wish to volunteer as a translator, please contact Susan Steeble in advance (ssteeble@gmail.com), so that we can anticipate how many persons wish to be involved in this project and which languages we need to cover. This is an ongoing project, so translations can be done “on the spot” at the meeting (as time permits) or with follow-up by email.