Digging Deeper: Lessons From Archaeology

ASOR (The American Schools of Oriental Research) is an organization that supports and encourages the study of the cultures and history of the Near East.  They are holding their annual conference this year in Baltimore, which means that there will be an abundance of archaeologists and historians in our community over the weekend.

CJE has teamed up with Foundation Stone, a Jewish educational organization in Israel dedicated to making the Land of Israel a prime resource for Jewish identity, continuity and education.  Foundation Stone has made arrangements for several of the scholars attending the ASOR conference to stay over this Sunday (November 24) and provide several sessions at CJE  that will be of interest to anyone who loves Israel and would like to learn more about what Jewish history teaches us about our heritage and identity as a people.

Sessions include a panel discussion about archaeology in our sister city of Ashkelon, using material such as maps and coins in the classroom and a session about the Riddle of the Exodus.