City vs. City Run

City vs. City Run is a first of its kind event giving you the chance to prove your hometown is the best!

Twin 5k races taking place in different locations, and each runner’s time contributes to an overall winning City. Runners line up at the same time in Baltimore, MD as they line up in Washington, DC to run 3.1 miles hoping to beat the average time of their rival city. We encourage you to give back to the community by competing to raise the most money possible for a local Baltimore or DC charity like Baltimore Child Abuse Center. A portion of our proceeds will be divided amongst the participating charities across both cities. And finally, you can team up with runners from your city to challenge a group of friends to beat your average time.

Run for charity. Run for yourself. Run for your team. But most important in this race, Run for Your City.


Registration is $30.00 and you can register at