The Fifth Question

Passover is literally around the corner, beginning in the next couple days. The eight-day holiday begins officially on Monday night, when we celebrate the Jewish people being liberated from Egypt — a holiday when friends and family join together for Seders and so many more meals. All year long, we struggle to make heart-healthy food… Read More

The Wine of the Exodus

Every year, the Passover story is retold in households around the world. We tell the story of the exodus from Egypt accompanied by four cups of wine and end by toasting, “Next Year in Jerusalem!”  Providing a twist on the traditional story, this reporter investigates how wine united ancient Egypt and Israel and gives suggestions… Read More

How To Get Through A Passover Seder

Passover means Seders. They are important Jewish traditions, but they are also social and hunger-filled minefields. These tips will help you navigate the time between when you show up and avoid questions about your career/relationship and when you shout “Next year in Jerusalem!” and run out with all the flourless desserts.

Exodus: Passover And The Themes of Refuge And Immigration

Tzipora S. secured her passport from Iran to Switzerland by miracle. “When I went to renew my passport and get a tourist visa to Switzerland, they asked me why I didn’t bring my old one with me. I had gone to Israel before the revolution,” Tzipora, who could not use her full name because of… Read More

Four Sons, Orioles Style

Staff Reporter The Passover tale involving the four sons probably has been interpreted in a million different ways. Well, here’s No. 1,000,001. The haggadah describes the four sons as four different people, each with his own personality: the wise son, the wicked son, the simple son and the son who does not know how to… Read More