Passover Menu Expands, Conservative Movement Approves ‘Kitniyot’

On Passover, Lynne Sandler will be passing on the beans and rice. Sandler, a member of  Conservative Agudas Achim Congregation in Alexandria, Va., said she won’t take  advantage of her movement’s ruling in November that permits eating a category of food called kitniyot that includes rice, beans and other legumes. These foods have always been… Read More

Navigating Your Own Map: Torah Study Firmly in Hands of Student

Rabbi David Fohrman wants you “to be floored by the depth of the Bible” and to plumb those depths firsthand, but not solely through the interpretations of Talmudic scholars such as Rashi and the Ramban. Fohrman presented his third book, “The Exodus You Almost Passed Over,” which employs his simple yet sophisticated approach to study,… Read More

Matzoh Ball Mashup Whether Floaters or Sinkers, This Menu Item Is Sure to Bring Families Together

Last week, the JT staff explored some contemporary meanings of the Passover story in its “Four Questions” cover story. This week, we delve into the festive meal, having diligently researched the one menu item that typically sets the tone for the rest of the repast. Family debates may rage over the decision to serve chicken… Read More

The Joys of a Planted Passover

At first glance it might seem limiting to be a vegetarian or a vegan during Passover — a holiday that already includes several eating restrictions. But as it turns out, these groups have little difficulty staying away from meat as opposed to the more onerous task of  refraining from leavened foods. “The only thing that… Read More

Five Things that Happen After the Afikomen

For many Jews, the Passover seder ends at the afikomen. But the broken piece of matzoh simply marks the transition from the meal to the prayerful part of the seder. “So much of what people know of a seder happens before the meal, but really so much does happen after the afikomen, or the dessert,”… Read More

CSAs for Veggie Lovers

For thrifty, veggie-loving cooks, signing up for a  CSA (community-supported agriculture) share is the way to go. Sure, it can be a daunting investment up front, but it’s often the best deal you’ll find locally for fresh produce. And there’s always unanticipated surplus along the way. Some weeks, there’s tons of pears; other weeks, it’s… Read More

Beets, Almond Bark are New Natural Passover Options

As environmental awareness increases, local supermarkets are stocking their shelves with more natural and organic Passover products. The latest buzz word is biodynamic, as in Kedem’s new biodynamic grape juice, available this season for the first time at Whole Foods Market. So what is biodynamic? “Biodynamic farming is something that’s probably well under the radar… Read More

Four Questions Notions of Passover through a contemporary lens

Themes of oppression, affliction, soul-searching and liberation hold great importance in the Passover story, one that recounts the Jewish people’s escape from bondage, their exodus from Egypt and their eventual freedom. As we prepare to revisit and recount that story of Passover — a time during which, among many observances, we’re encouraged to question the… Read More

New Haggadahs Hit Market

Canadian Haggadah Canadienne Five years ago, an American rabbi and a Quebec separatist sat together in Ottawa and related their convoluted, multi-lingual Seder experiences. Wouldn’t it be great, they thought, to have a single haggadah that could serve all of their needs? From that moment, Rabbi Adam Scheier, senior rabbi of Congregation Shaar Hashomayim, and… Read More