New Haggadahs Hit Market


Canadian Haggadah Canadienne Five years ago, an American rabbi and a Quebec separatist sat together in Ottawa and related their convoluted, multi-lingual Seder experiences. Wouldn’t it be great, they thought, to have a single haggadah that could serve all of their needs? From that moment, Rabbi Adam Scheier, senior rabbi of Congregation Shaar Hashomayim, and… Read More

Winning Wines for Passover Columbia Jewish Congregation hosts wine tasting fundraiser

Decanter’s proprietor, Eric Stein, pours a selection of kosher for Passover wine for CJC members.

Between the four cups of wine per person and the extra cup for Elijah, Jews go through a lot of wine celebrating Passover. In an effort to expand the kosher offerings at Seder tables in Howard County, the Columbia Jewish Congregation hosted a wine tasting fundraiser on March 15 at Decanter Fine Wines in Columbia…. Read More

Deep Cleaning Last-minute preparations needn’t derail holiday

Scrubbing the house from top to bottom in an effort to rid the home of chametz ahead of the Passover holiday is a task many loathe. For those Jews looking for a little help with their spring cleaning, two companies in Baltimore are prepared to help. Merry Maids of Towson/Baltimore, whose area of service extends… Read More

Seders for the Sober Four cups of wine needn’t be of alcoholic variety

Four cups. That’s how much wine Jews are expected to drink at the Passover Seder table. That can be a challenge for anyone with a small stature or a low tolerance, but for recovering addicts and their families, the imperative can add further complication to an already difficult time. “Wine is such a big part… Read More

Beating the ‘Matzah Diet’ Your holiday Haggadah to staying healthy during Passover

Passover is the time of the year when Jews celebrate our freedom from slavery in Egypt. But the endless monotony of eggs, potatoes and matzah for eight days may leave you feeling like a slave to your chametz-free diet. However, the avoidance of bread and certain grains and legumes doesn’t have to limit the wealth… Read More

Passover Means Vacation for Some Instead of turning their homes upside down, some opt for luxury getaways

Cantor Diane Becker Krasnick leads Passover and Chanukah 
services on Royal Caribbean cruises.

With each Passover comes the craziness of cleaning one’s life of chametz: Cars, offices, homes and kitchens must be rid of leavened foods before the holiday. While some resort to deep cleaning and finding someone to buy the chametz, others opt for an easier, yet pricey option: Passover destination travel. For years, travel agencies have… Read More

Kosher for Passover – For local bakeries, holiday means break from work

Bakeries must rid themselves of shelves upon shelves of bread before the start of Passover.

For Baltimore’s kosher bakers, Passover brings with it more than the promise of wine and matzoh; it comes with some serious vacation time. “It’s something to look forward to,” said Kori Stanley, who works in the bakery department at Seven Mile Market. “It’s not very often that we’re going to get two weeks off where… Read More



For the many members of the Jewish community who more or less avoid consuming chametz year-round, Passover brings welcome relief. “Passover is a big treat for everybody,” said Chana Fishkind, who, along with her two sons, maintains a gluten-free diet. Her husband, she said, just goes with the flow. Two years ago, Fishkind discovered that… Read More

Passover and Your Pooch


It is common knowledge that the eating of chametz is forbidden on Passover, but what do you do when your cat has been eating cans of chicken and gravy all year? What about your hamster that loves his oat-based treats? Since Jewish law forbids even deriving benefit from chametz during Passover, your pet cannot consume… Read More

Confessions of a Chametz Buyer


The prohibition against eating leavened bread containing wheat, barley, oats, spelt and rye at Passover is well known. Some Ashkenazic authorities also prohibit the consumption of rice, millet, corn and legumes during the holiday, and most Jews make a point of cleaning their homes and cars, removing any crumbs that may have accumulated prior to… Read More