J Street Has Carved Out Its Place; Israelis Say Policies Don’t Jibe

The excitement is infectious. The growth astounding. J Street, turning 5 years old next week, has grown steadily and exponentially. “We are an important voice in the debate and discussion about Israel,” said Jeremy Ben-Ami, executive director of J Street. “I don’t want to overstate anything. There has been very steady, gradual growth and gradual… Read More

Holocaust Trains Are Jewel of Greek Enthusiast

It was spring in northern Greece, 1943. Efthymios Kontopoulos, 13, had come to Thessaloniki for the day when he saw Nazis rounding up the city’s Jews. “My father brought me into town,” Kontopoulos, who is not Jewish, said. “We saw them being taken away. They were with their [yellow] badges.”

Holocaust Testimony Captured in 3D

In a dark glass building here, Holocaust survivor Pinchas Gutter shows that his memory is crystal clear and his voice is strong. His responses seem a bit delayed —  not that different from other survivors I have known who are reluctant to speak openly about their experiences — but he’s doing just fine for a… Read More

HBO Pays Homage To Holocaust Rescuers

HBO honors victims and rescuers this Yom Hashoah with the screening of a new documentary by journalist Steven Pressman. The film, “Fifty Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr. and Mrs. Kraus” is based on a previously hidden memoir written by Eleanor Kraus of Philadelphia.

The Year Of Campaign Finance Reform

The 2012 presidential election is history, and yet the alarming nature of how the race was funded remains a mystery. More than $6 billion was spent during the last election cycle — more than $2 billion by the presidential candidates and their Super PACs alone — much of which was undisclosed and devoted to attack… Read More

Giving Something Tangible

Ali Berney and the staff at Carbiz are all too familiar with the negative stereotypes associated with the used-car business. That’s why when Berney, finance manager at the Glen car dealership, contacted local charities to ask for their participation in the company’s newest giving initiative, she was prepared for a certain amount of skepticism. And… Read More