The Festival Of Booths

A family’s sukkah can be their home away from home. Like a collection of charming, if sometimes haphazard, larger-than-life boxes, sukkahs begin appearing outside Israeli homes soon after Yom Kippur. It’s almost a tradition, in fact, to start work on the booths hours after the fast is over.

The Season of Rejoicing

If Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur prepare the mind for teshuvah, repentance, and help the soul achieve divine forgiveness, then Sukkot is like a congratulations party for the body after a long, spiritual journey. Also called zeman simhateinu, the season of our rejoicing, Sukkot is about joy and giving thanks. When the children of Israel… Read More

What’s Shakin? The Lulav And Etrog

Leviticus 23:39-43 discusses the Children of Israel wandering about after the Exodus, and God directs Jews to live in sukkot in commemoration. But it’s not just a matter of building the temporary home. God also tells His people to take “the fruit of goodly trees, branches of palm trees and boughs of thick trees and… Read More

A Cozy Sukkot Dinner Under The Stars

Ilene Spector Special to the Jewish Times In Europe, just after the break-the-fast meal was over, Jews would proceed to hammer the first nail to begin building the sukkah. Observant Jews today remember these makeshift huts by building similar structures out of wood, branches, harvest vines and fruits. The idea is to be open to… Read More

A Cozy Harvest Celebration

Ilene Spector Special to the Jewish Times Sukkot is the Jewish Thanksgiving. The word, meaning booths, refers to the tents or temporary dwellings of the ancient Israelites who wandered in the desert in search of the promised land. Later, the shelters also were used as harvesters’ huts before the onset of winter. So Sukkot has… Read More

Yom Kippur Resource List

First Fast – Cohen, Barbara Sneakers to Shul – Cohen, Floreva The Magic of Kol Nidre: A Yom Kippur Story – Siegel, Bruce List of Jewish Holiday Resources Available at the Aaron H. Leibtag Resource Center of the Center for Jewish Education 5800 Park Heights Avenue (410) 578-6943

Jonah and the Whale

Amy J. Kramer On the afternoon of Yom Kippur, while many families are resting at home before coming back to synagogue for the concluding service of Neilah, the Book of Jonah is read. Everyone knows about Jonah and the whale. But the Book of Jonah, says a lot more about Jonah and God than about Jonah… Read More

Yom Kippur Family Activities

Make Your Own Whale To help make the Book of Jonah come alive, sit your child down and construct your own Jonah’s whale to bring to the synagogue or show off at the final meal before the fast begins. You will need:  Black or gray construction paper or a grocery bag cotton or small pieces… Read More

The Sin Of the Golden Calf

Amy J. Kramer One cannot discuss Yom Kippur and forgiveness without mentioning the sin of the golden calf. Without this landmark event in the history of the Jewish people, there might not be a Yom Kippur. We all know this story. Moses is up on Mt. Sinai receiving the Aseret H’adibrot (the 10 Commandments), the… Read More

Yom Kippur Recipes From Local Pros

Ilene Spector Special to the Jewish Times “Break-the-fast” or “Break-fast” is used when referring to the meal ending the Yom Kippur fast. Traditional dairy foods such as eggs, cheeses and cold fishes are my mainstays. However, throughout the year I collect any new innovative recipes to add to my menu. This year I hit the… Read More