Designer Mishloach Manot

(Ages 12-16 years) Materials Needed: Colorful pasteboard Assorted wrapping paper Ribbon Self-adhesive stickers Clear tape Scissors Tissue paper for inner wrap Actual gifts for inside (at least two different foods)

More Information

Purim: Persian word for lots or lottery. Megillah Esther: Means scroll of Esther, telling the story of Purim in great detail. It is read on Purim night and again the following morning. Purim dates: Ta’anit (fast) of Esther on 13 Adar. That evening the story of Purim is read from the Megillah. It is then read again on… Read More

Shalach Manot—Delicious Purim Treats

Purim has always been one of my favorite holidays. The story of Queen Esther appeals to my sense of justice, when evil is dealt a mortal blow and things turn out happily after all. Of course, my sense of taste is also fulfilled when making Purim specialties. Hamantashen is the most popular food associated with… Read More

Purim Resource List

Together: A Child-Parent Kit: Purim Bou Nahser b’Purim – Book and Cassette Sammy Spider’s First Purim – Rouss, Sylvia VIDEO Ha Ra’Ashan (The Grogger) in Hebrew VIDEO Queen Esther (From the Great Adventure series) List of Jewish Holiday Resources Available at the Aaron H. Leibtag Resource Center of the Center for Jewish Education 5800 Park… Read More

Chanukah Heros And Villains

Rabbi Joshua Ben Levi said, “Women are obligated to light the Hanukah menorah for they took part in the miracle.” (Shabbat 23a) Two heroines emerge from the Hanukah story that often get lost in the heroic tales of the Maccabees. Their names were Judith and Hannah and they also symbolizes the victory of the Jews… Read More

Colorful Candles

NOTE: This is a project for older children only (or adults, if they are mature enough and don’t whine a lot). You Will Need: Holidays one box of white Chanukah candles several boxes of different-colored Chanukah candles deep throwaway tins wax paper toothpicks (optional) a great deal of patience Begin by melting several different colors of… Read More

In Search Of The Perfect Latke

For some, this is a very sensitive issue. Latkes must have onions, or they simply are not latkes. For others, the mere thought of onion-laden latkes (when everyone knows latkes are meantto be topped with sugar), is nothing less than bone-chilling. Let’s get cooking.

Make your own Chanukah greeting cards

Instead of going to the store and buying the same, old familiar Chanukah cards to send to friends, here’s a great one to make yourself. You Will Need: family photographs that can be cut scissors crayons, markers or colored pencils access to a photocopy machine (preferably one that makes color copies) Directions: Begin by asking… Read More

A Few, Quick Ideas

Fold napkins in half, then cut in the shape of a dreidel. Instead of exchanging gifts (which, after all, has nothing to do with the holiday), learn about, then donate to a different charity each evening. See who can create the silliest pretend latke using items around the house. Anything is up for grabs: yellow… Read More

Chanukah Resource List

Eight Nights Eight Lights: Family Values for Each Night of Chanukah – Olitzky, Kerry Hanukef: Book and Cassette Together: A Child-Parent Kit: Hanukkah A Hanukkiyah for Dina – Cohen, Floreva (In both Hebrew and English) Let’s Sing Chanukah songs – Book and Cassette – Sulkin, Adi Chanukah in Chelm – Adler, David A. It’s Chanukah… Read More