Israeli cheese and wine for Shavuot

Part of the joy of living in Israel as opposed to visiting for a short break is that it affords one the opportunity to spend weekends discovering Israel’s hidden gems, only unearthed through opportune conversations or chance encounters on a morning hike. Hiking through the Jerusalem hills, wooden signs adorned with an image of a… Read More

Opening The Eyes of Children to Passover’s Miracles

We are about to sit around the Seder table with our families and do what we do best, ask questions. Why is this night different from all other nights? Why do we dip twice? We encourage young and old to ask, ask, ask. Through the wisdom of our tradition, answers unfold before our eyes. It… Read More

A Sweet Beginning And End To Your Passover Meal

The fish, the soup, the turkey, the brisket … it’s beginning to smell a lot like Passover. It’s no wonder that this is the holiday celebrated by most Jews all over the world. The story and traditional foods remain in families generation after generation.

Passover Resource List

Family Haggadah: A Seder for All Generations – Ginde, Elie Together: A Child-Parent Kit: Passover A Kid’s Catalog of Passover – Rush, Barbara The Koufax Dilema – Sehnur, Steven Bou Nashir b’Pesach – Book and Cassette

Keeping You In Your Place

Jews are encouraged to ask as many questions as they like during the Seder. Of course, younger children may yearn to linger at the table, but not have the patience for every discussion. You can help them out by making Pesach place mats filled with holiday games.

Passover Family Activities

Six years ago when your first child was little, you and she sat together and had a wonderful time preparing for Pesach by making an afikoman cover. Four years ago when your first child was still little and your second child was on the way, you and your daughter sat together and had a nice… Read More

Food For Thought

Almost everyone eats eggs at the Seder; the question is, how are they prepared? Most Ashkenazim handle this quite simply by boiling the eggs. But Sephardim prefer their eggs cooked overnight. The eggs are placed in water, and perhaps a few tea leaves (which gives a beautiful color), then left to simmer for at least… Read More

Passover Primer

Whether this is your first seder or your 100th, here are the essential elements to enjoying the holiday. For more than three millennia, the Jewish people have retold the tale of their hastened exit from Egypt. Passover is a holiday full of questions such as the famous Four Questions, the question asked by the Wicked… Read More

Old Passover Tastes With A New Twist

I remember my late mother standing in line at the grocery store to buy whitefish, rock and pike, which we lugged home. I turned up my nose as the fish was cleaned, cooked and then ground—all in our little kitchen, with my aunts in attendance to make sure there was enough pepper. Enough pepper to… Read More

The Origins Of Pesach

Our favorite holiday has many names. Here’s an explanation. Z’Man Chayrutaynu/The Season of Our Freedom This designation reflects a major reason why this season is of importance in Jewish life. We are taught that each and every Jew must re-live the story of the Exodus from Egypt as if he or she actually made the… Read More