Senior Living

BY Rabbi Jeffrey Orkin and Helene King
June 5, 2014

Whether we spend 50 years working outside the house or that many years taking care of the house, as we get older, we look forward to relaxing. Our golden years are supposed to be when we take a deep breath and enjoy ourselves. Many times, that’s exactly what happens. However, as we age, loss is CONTINUE »

BY Janet B. Kurland and Gail Lipsitz
May 1, 2014

Are there conversations you wouldd like to have with your parents as they age, but you just don’t know how to start? Maybe you are seeing changes that concern you, or you just want to get some peace of mind about the future. How do you bring up important topics such asd driving, finances, independent CONTINUE »

BY Robin Evers
April 3, 2014

The celebration of National Volunteer Week 2014 begins in just a few days on April 6. While this is a time set aside every year to recognize the individuals already volunteering in our communities and to remind ourselves what an enormous impact they have, it can also be a time to consider volunteering yourself. Volunteering CONTINUE »