A Call for Thoughtful Dialogue

The human capacity to devise new ways to disrupt, terrorize, injure and kill appears limitless. And so it was on June 14 that James T. Hodgkinson, armed with a semiautomatic rifle, turned the congressional Republican team’s practice for the next day’s baseball game for charity into a bloodbath. Hodgkinson, who was shot and killed by… Read More

Let’s Break Political Intolerance

The shooting in Alexandria, Va., that nearly killed Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) should be a wakeup call for all of us concerned about today’s nasty political rhetoric. But instead of tamping down the political rhetoric, there are those who are seeking to politicize this tragedy by compounding the blame and hate. For instance, there is… Read More

New Day for Rosewood

I drive by the former Rosewood Center every day on Garrison Forest Road on my way to the Jewish Times’ Owings Mills office. Its boarded- up buildings covered in vines, abandoned basketball courts and overgrown grass are as much a part of my commute as Greenspring Station, which I also pass every day. An average… Read More

The Quest for Holiness Parshat Korach

Where did Korach err in his rebellion against Moses and Aaron? On the surface, his argument appears to be both logical and just: “You [Moses and Aaron] have gone too far. The entire congregation is holy, and God is in their midst. So why do you raise yourselves above God’s assembly?” Indeed, did not the… Read More

British Jews Shouldn’t Give Up on Labour

For me, the main takeaway from the British election June 8 was that Jeremy Corbyn, far-left leader of the opposition Labour party, didn’t win it. Most of the ridicule in the wake of the election has been aimed at Conservative Party Prime Minister Theresa May for her political error worthy of an Elizabethan farce —… Read More

Empowering Women, Girls

Thank you for recognizing the leadership transition at the Jewish Women’s Giving Foundation in your June 2 issue (The Community Page). I take exception, however, to the photo caption’s misleading lead-in, “Ladies Who Lunch.” At our Closing Luncheon we celebrated the collective accomplishments of our 110 members who came together to provide more than $140,000… Read More

A Rosewood ‘Insult’

In the JT’s “Board of Public Works Agrees to Sell Rosewood to Stevenson” (June 16), it was written that Rosewood was a place “where generations of developmentally disabled people were reportedly abused and neglected.” This is an insult to the devoted and dedicated employees who worked at the center for many years. There were cases… Read More

Hats Off to Our Teachers

This week’s cover story chronicles the illustrious career of Ilene Meister, who, after 30 years at the Meyerhoff Early Childhood Education Center at the Rosenbloom Owings Mills JCC, will be leaving her position as director. It’s undoubtedly the end of an era — she created a nutritional program that was recognized by Michelle Obama, gave… Read More

Funeral or Not, Levinson Is There

great many in the Baltimore Jewish Community don’t realize what a wonderful institution we have in Baltimore’s own Sol Levinson & Bros., Inc. Enjoying a monopolistic positon as the only Jewish funeral home in the Baltimore metropolitan area, it is in a position to charge exorbitant fees and show very little compassion for its clients…. Read More