Opioids: A Public Health Emergency

The fentanyl-laced lollipop illustrates the double-edge sword of opiates. Invented to deliver palatable pain relief to cancer patients, the sweet combined with a powerful and addictive opiate eventually found its way out of the hospital and into the general population. Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, is up to 100 times more powerful than morphine and 50… Read More

Matter of Survival

I never thought much about the Iraqi Jewish community until I met an Iraqi Jew in Israel when I was on a press trip in 2015. It was internationally renowned chef Moshe Basson, known as Israel’s biblical chef, and he fed the group our first dinner of the trip at his Jerusalem restaurant, The Eucalyptus…. Read More

The Floodwaters of Noah Parshat Noach

One of my favorite Shabbat zemirot (songs sung at the Shabbat meal) is “Yom Shabaton,” a song attributed to Rabbi Yehudah haLevi (1075-1140). The entire song centers around imagery from Parshat Noah. The chorus begins with the line “On [Shabbat] the dove found rest,” referring to the dove that Noah sent from the Ark to… Read More

Harvey Weinstein Is Not a Jewish Issue

Over the past two weeks, we have seen many reactions and reactions-to-reactions to the story of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long pattern of reported sexual harassment and assault of women. Most of us are simply repulsed by the allegations of unchecked abuse of power and Sodom and Gomorrah-style depravity. And for some, the reactions are… Read More

Another Instance of Repeal and Not Replace

Since President Donald Trump cannot rely on Congress to accomplish what he wants legislatively, he has reverted to lawmaking through executive order. Last week, Trump issued a slew of executive orders reversing Obama-era policies he opposes. Among the actions was the repeal of the Clean Power Plan, which committed electricity generators to strict curbs on… Read More

People Died Because Las Vegas Response Took Too Long

The horrible shooting in Las Vegas at a country music festival that claimed 58 lives and wounded more than 500 tells us clearly there is something wrong with how we make concerts, public spaces, sports events, clubs and buildings — including places of worship — secure. Not only did an apparently lone gunman shoot from… Read More

All For One

The past few months have been exceedingly challenging for many in the United States, Mexico and some Caribbean nations, pummeled by natural disasters and fires that destroyed homes, decimated infrastructure, shattered dreams and led to significant loss of life. In light of the devastation, it’s been incredibly heartwarming to witness the power of community and… Read More

Pikesville’s Gem

Thank you for the JT’s excellent article about the revitalization of Pikesville (“Pikesville at a Crossroads,” Oct. 13). We have received so much public and expert support for our vision of the Pikesville of the future that it emboldens us to push for an arts and culture campus with some compatible uses for the Pikesville Armory… Read More

Our Vulnerability

What happened in Las Vegas only goes to show how vulnerable we are against someone who is deranged (“Needed: Sensible Firearm Regulation,” Oct. 13). Messing with the Second Amendment will not change the outcome. The killer could have thrown a grenade out of the hotel’s window and done as much damage.  

Put Condos at Armory Site

In reference to “Pikesville at a Crossroads” (Oct. 13), they should build reasonably priced senior condos at the Pikesville Armory location, or any condos for that matter. If people live there, then they will be able to walk to the stores to shop and frequent the restaurants. Moving the library and senior center seems totally… Read More