Still in Shock

This is directed to my Jewish brothers and sisters who still unequivocally support Donald Trump. Given the recent events of Charlottesville, Va., I am still in shock by the response of the president (I cannot even refer to him as our president) that multiple sides were responsible for the chaos that occurred. We have one… Read More

Do Jews Have a Dog in This Fight?

It is easy to dismiss the Confederate statue issue as one for personal engagement or not (“Jewish Baltimore Stands with Charlottesville,” Aug. 18). Some may say the issue of symbols is much to do about nothing. But consider how you would feel about a statue of Hitler in Wyman Park, and the intensity of symbols… Read More

Lost but Found Parshah Ki Tetze

This week’s parshah reminds us to turn toward, rather than away from, particularly with regard to the laws relating to lost objects and animals. “You are not to see the ox of your brother or his sheep wandering away and hide yourself from them; you are to return, yes, return them to your brother …… Read More

Charlottesville Echoes of Leo Frank

Mount Carmel Cemetery is located in the borough of Queens, N.Y. In Section 1 of the burial grounds rests the remains of Leo Frank, whose lynching at the hands of Southern white supremacists still resonates deeply within the conscience of American Jewry. In 1915, Frank was president of the Atlanta Chapter of B’nai B’rith and… Read More

The Forward’s Sloppy Attack on JCPA

All too often in our heated political environment people and groups are called on the carpet, not for what they do, but for what they don’t do. And sometimes the finger pointing goes too far. A recent case is an article in the Forward last week that led with the “news” that the Jewish Council… Read More

Time to Act

President Donald Trump, special adviser Jared Kushner, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and new Chief of Staff John Kelly comprise the key actors in any attempt to secure a near-comprehensive peace agreement among Israel, its Arab neighbors and the Palestinians. They are trusted, pragmatic and without historical baggage. But, given the political turmoil in Washington,… Read More

Talk about It

While stigmas are mostly unproductive hindrances to dealing with difficult situations, they are unfortunately alive and well when it comes to certain diseases. The disease of addiction is one such example, which is a true shame since it knows no ethnic, religious and socioeconomic boundaries. As you’ll read in Susan Ingram’s cover story this week,… Read More

Unite against Neo-Nazis

Some members of my family died in the Holocaust. We escaped it, thankfully, to America, to a land of freedom, not to a resurgence of Nazism. Jews and all others must not let this vast and profound incitement to deadly hatred steamroll over us (“Jewish Baltimore Stands with Charlottesville,” Aug. 18). We must respond by… Read More

45 Years Clean

A few weeks ago, my mother, Frances Gimbel, passed away at the age of 95. She was a wonderful women who gave much of her life to her family and to the Baltimore Jewish Community. She, along with my amazing family, saved my life from heroin addiction and a life of crime and despair. I… Read More