People of the Book Isaac Bashevis Singer Told the Truth About Us

On Aug. 3, 2004, I was sitting in the expensive London garden of a rich Jewish friend from my father’s grad school, all too relaxed in her gorgeously lush English garden that overlooked one of the world’s loveliest public parks.  I’d spent myself broke three times that summer to engorge myself upon theater and concerts as… Read More

Searching for Meaning from an Unsettling Year

Irma. Harvey. Charlottesville. They are the names given to three extraordinary and deadly events, which all happened in the last few weeks. And that’s only a small part of the past chaotic year — in our politics, in our society and in our environment. The surprise election of Donald Trump upended much of our nation’s… Read More

Trump’s Hand-Offs to Congress

DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is an executive order issued by then-President Barack Obama in an effort to address one part of the country’s broken immigration system: the status of nearly 800,000 residents who were brought here illegally as children. When President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced their plan to rescind… Read More

Pay to Pray?

When I was a kid attending services at Temple Emanuel, I was fascinated by the concept of synagogues charging money for High Holiday services. A synagogue selling tickets to pray? Even members had to pay? I couldn’t wrap my head around it at the time. To be honest, it didn’t feel quite right to me…. Read More

What’s the Big Deal?

We have a Seasons here in Lakewood, N.J., but we also have several other kosher markets and a few smaller groceries (“The Xanadu of Kosher Food,” Sept. 1). They are competitive, but all are doing very well. No one has a monopoly, but all strive to supply our community with fresh foods and excellent service…. Read More

Great for Pikesville

As chairman of the board for the 1000 Friends of Pikesville, Inc., I join our president, Howard Needle, in expressing our delight and gratitude over the action taken by the governor and Sen. Bobby Zirkin in taking this critical first step (“Hogan Announces Pikesville Armory Commission Chaired by Zirkin,” Sept. 8). We are honored to… Read More

Critical Legislation

As a strong supporter of increased security funding for institutions that may be at risk for hate crimes or attacks, I was very pleased to see the JT’s “Jewish Institutions to See More Security Funding” (Sept. 1) highlight the important piece of legislation the Maryland General Assembly passed in our 2017 session. One of government’s… Read More

The Associated: Our Community’s Hub

People often ask why I am so committed to Jewish comm- unity. The reason is because of the positive impact the Baltimore Jewish community has had on my family and because of the great work of the community in providing vital services to those in need and in building Jewish life. I moved here from… Read More

Trump a Racist? No Way

Notwithstanding that Donald Trump has denounced racism, hatred, bigotry, Nazis, the KKK and white supremacists on numerous occasions, he is still considered a racist and/or a bigot and/or a Nazi by many on the left and even some on the right. So the question is, why? Here’s one reason: He hasn’t done the denouncing in… Read More