The Right Choice

Standing side by side with Jewish leaders from Baltimore and Montgomery counties, Gov. Larry Hogan signed an executive order last month prohibiting all state agencies from entering into contracts or conducting official state business with companies engaged in a boycott of Israel. Hogan is right to oppose discrimination in all its forms, including one that… Read More

And Now, Al Franken

Donald Trump, a Republican. Harvey Weinstein, a Democrat. Roger Ailes, a Republican. Dustin Hoffman, a Democrat. Roy Moore, a Republican. And now we come to Al Franken, the Jewish liberal Democratic senator from Minnesota and former comic who over the last few days has been accused by two different women of improper sexual conduct. We… Read More

Singling Out Israel — Again

Just when we were hoping that the Democratic Party’s left flank was moving away from some of its anti-Israel sentiment, along came Rep. Betty McCollum (D-Minn.) and 11 of her colleagues to present legislation entitled the Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act. In introducing the bill, McCollum has simply… Read More

Answering the Call

Any member of the tribe is well aware of Jewish stereo- types. But, knowing how diverse the Diaspora is, he or she also knows that we shatter those stereotypes all the time. Last month, we ran a cover story on Jewish motorcycle enthusiasts. While it’s likely not the first hobby one might associate with Jewish… Read More

Jewish Devotion

With the rhythm of the Jewish calendar bringing Shabbat every week and holidays to commemorate throughout the year, it’s easy for those of us who grew up Jewish to retain a sense of the religion’s beauty and meaning. But for some people who did not grow up with regular Jewish observance, this beauty can be… Read More

Parshat Toldot Eye to the Future

Today we read Parshat Toldot. Toldot describes two brothers, Esau and Jacob, who are total opposites. Esau, a courageous hunter, loves physical power. He does things on the spur of the moment. Jacob, on the other hand, is sensitive, gentle and plans in advance. He understands that in order to succeed, you must keep one foot… Read More

Priti Patel’s Blunder

Americans consumed with domestic government and sex scandals can be forgiven for not being aware of the recurring scandals in the United Kingdom which are embroiling Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative government. The latest concerns the now former secretary of state for international development, Priti Patel. A strong Israel supporter in a largely pro-Israel government,… Read More

Challenges for the Democrats

At a reception in Washington last week, a group of Jewish Democrats announced the creation of a new organization to support the election of Democratic candidates nationally and to further the general agenda of Jewish Democrats, who tend to be center or center-left. That the coming-out party happened the day after off-year elections produced two… Read More

Solutions to Gun Violence Are Out There

More than 30 years ago I was a young staffer in a domestic violence shelter helping women and their children flee their violent abuser. I witnessed firsthand the power of a gun woven into the tragic tapestry of family violence. And even then, when as a movement we were still trying to understand the mindset… Read More

Giving Thanks

As the 2018 women’s campaign chair for The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore, I have the privilege of having meaningful Jewish conversations with many members of our community. I hear the reasons why they support the local agencies serving needs in Baltimore; and I learn why our work in Israel, the former Soviet Union… Read More