Uplifting the Oppressed

Anyone engaged in the Baltimore Jewish community knows how abundant its resources are. Those looking to further connect with their Judaism, explore it through the lens of a particular discipline or get help with a litany of issues don’t have to look far. So it’s only appropriate that CHANA, an Associated agency that responds to… Read More

This Year in Jerusalem

Passover in America is widely reported to be the most celebrated Jewish holiday of them all. More American Jews will attend Passover seders this week than will attend High Holy Day services this fall. No doubt this is due, at least in part, to homemade matzoh ball soup, various iterations of the recipes for sweet… Read More

Bye, Bye Bannon

In another sign that the Trump administration is moving toward greater stability and more traditional governance, the president last week signed an executive order removing White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon from the National Security Council. Bannon’s appointment to the council and to its Principals Committee was roundly criticized as the infiltration of a radical… Read More

The Syrian Attack

The chemical weapons airstrike in Syria on April 4, which killed some 80 civilians and which the West blames on the government of Bashar al-Assad, helped focus the Trump administration on the complexities of the situation over there. This wasn’t news to anyone who has been following the past six years of bloody, merciless civil… Read More

Silence Is More Than Golden Passover

The last days of the festival of Passover are dedicated to the splitting of the Reed Sea, one of the most dramatic and cataclysmic events in biblical history. The Israelites have left Egypt and believe they are “home free.” However, the Egyptian hordes begin to chase after the newly formed free men. The Israelites, faced… Read More

For Zirkin, Details Matter

In his “From This View” column on March 31 (“Bobby Zirkin Doesn’t Represent Our Values”), Evan Serpick states that “Zirkin led the fight against paid sick leave,” which is untrue. Does Zirkin strongly believe in paid sick leave for employees trying to support themselves and their families? He absolutely does, but not in its current… Read More

People of the Book Lumpen with Talent

The Onion is my generation’s Mad magazine. It is, ostensibly, a satirical website, and a funny one, but sometimes they’re so spot on they cross from funny into painfully true. I read an Onion article last week with the headline: “97-year-old dies unaware of being violin prodigy.” The article stated that she spent her life… Read More

BDS Is More Like BS

I would like to respond to those, especially Jews, who have recently written to the JT in support of the BDS movement, which sanctions strangling the economy of Israel and silencing pro-Israel speakers to show support for those deemed Palestinians. To the BDS supporters, I say, let’s ignore the truth. Let’s discount the Jewish people’s… Read More

District 11 Lucky to Have Zirkin

The first thought that comes to mind while reading Evan Serpick’s “From This View” column, “Bobby Zirkin Doesn’t Represent Our Values” (March 31), is that a grudge from high school shouldn’t be the basis for attacking one man’s extensive professional career. I have come to know Zirkin over the past several years while battling hydraulic… Read More