JT Shows True Colors

Once again, the JT tries to excoriate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (“Netanyahu’s German Problem,” May 5). It would have been nice for the JT to put into context who the German foreign minister is and what he stands for. Sigmar Gabriel is very left wing, a long-standing, vocal opponent of Israel and a defender… Read More

Hardly a Rejection

In Rabbi Chaim Landau’s “Are Female Rabbis a Threat — or Is It the OU?” (March 3), he thoroughly condemned the decision of the Orthodox Union regarding women clergy. As an individual with a pretty strong background in Jewish law and Talmud, I would like to share rebuttal. Landau asserts that we should motivate and… Read More

Taking Care of Ourselves

Who are we?” asks Avraham Roberts (“Your Say,” April 28). We Jews are people who know the cost of powerlessness, who learned it is better to have an Israeli air force to attack Iraqi (1981) and Syrian (2007) atomic sites rather than having to beg Roosevelt or Churchill to bomb Jewish death factories in WWII…. Read More

Is This Really Happening in NYC?

Gentrification is a serious issue in many large cities. Rising real estate values, which are generally a sign of economic health, can bring with them upper-income residents who displace lower-income tenants from developing neighborhoods. There is nothing new about this problem. But are Jews to blame for it? One Democratic candidate for the New York… Read More

Netanyahu’s German Problem

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave the foreign minister of Germany, one of Israel’s oldest and strongest allies, a choice: Either meet with me or with Israeli human rights groups, but you can’t meet with both. While it is hard to believe that Netanyahu would snub Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, that is exactly… Read More

Proud, Strong Israel — Forever

As I write this, it is 10 a.m. Krakow time (4 a.m. in Baltimore), on Friday, April 28, and we are aboard IAF 002, our flight from Krakow to Tel Nof Air Force Base in  Israel. IAF stands for Israel Air Force. We will be the very first civilian group of passengers ever to fly… Read More

People of the Book How AIPAC Lost the Israel Debate

Talking about AIPAC is nearly impossible. So many contradictory statistics proliferate about AIPAC that nobody can quote them reliably. Nevertheless, one thing remains obvious. We all know AIPAC’s nowhere near as powerful as its opposition alleges. Whether AIPAC has a $25 million endowment or a $100 million endowment, conspiracy theorists would have us believe this… Read More

Sorrow and Triumph

The world just commemorated Yom HaShoah on April 23 and 24, the holiday that memorializes the Holocaust and remembers its victims, Jewish and non-Jewish. In Baltimore, the community paid tribute to Elie Wiesel. In Howard County, the community explored artifacts from the time period and held a memorial service. These poignant events were wfurther expounded… Read More

Sweet Sorrow

It’s never easy to say goodbye. It’s even harder when you know you’ll still be around from time to time. But as difficult as it is, it is time for me to bid farewell to all of you, dear readers, who welcomed me into their homes and kept coming back week to week to the… Read More