Embarrassed by Dems

In response to the “Give Trump a Chance” letter of Jan. 27: I am a registered Democrat, and I am very upset with the current leadership of the Democratic Party. As a Baltimorean, I am frankly embarrassed by Nancy Pelosi, daughter of our former great mayor, Tommy D’Alesandro; and as a Jew, I’m very disappointed… Read More

Rabbi Landau Gets It Right

Kudos to Rabbi Chaim Landau for his March 3 column “Are Female Rabbis a Threat — or Is It the OU?” I have never read a more comprehensive summary of what defines the Orthodox Union today. The archaic, narrow-minded mentality to which Landau refers has, sadly, alienated the rest of the Jewish community for decades… Read More

Columns’ Fake Facts

Both of the March 3 “From This View” columns, “Dancing on a Volcano” by Evan Tucker and “Are Female Rabbis a Threat — or Is It the OU” by Rabbi Chaim Landau, suffer greatly by using fake facts as premises for their leftist-leaning conclusions. For example, Tucker states: “The center didn’t hold because the right… Read More

A Nation of Priests

This week’s portion of Tetzaveh, wherein Moses’ name is not mentioned even once, exclusively belongs to Aaron, whose name appears more than 30 times. It is a portion devoted to the holy vestments and the consecration of Aaron’s priestly descendants. This is the week of the Kohen, but in actuality it is the week of… Read More

Embracing the Jewish Community’s Refugee Roots

HIAS was established 135 years ago to protect Jewish refugees who were fleeing the pogroms of Czarist Russia. Today, we remain true to our original mission of refugee protection. We are helping people who have fled their countries because their lives were in jeopardy due to who they are or what they believe. When there… Read More

We Met 38 Years Ago

There are two celebrated people in my life who I met 38 years ago. One of them is my wife, the other welcomed me to the life I chose at the age of 21. If we pay attention to people around us, we should be able to recognize those who bring meaning — real meaning… Read More

Do As We Say, Not As We Did

Last week, at its annual conference, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs did something commendable in our highly charged political environment. The group, whose member agencies advocate primarily from the left of the political center, welcomed and listened politely to a presentation from a pair of more conservative pundits: Noah Silverman, congressional affairs director for… Read More

Not the Suspect We Expected

For all we know, the person who committed the lion’s share of the bomb threats against Jewish institutions really is a right-wing anti-Semitic nut, with David Duke on his speed dial. But that isn’t the description of Juan Thompson, who was arrested by the FBI on March 3 on suspicion of phoning in eight bomb… Read More

A Sweet Appreciation

Depending on your frame of reference, any number of recent happenings are proof positive that we live in a topsy-turvy world. From the practically unfathomable victory of President Donald Trump to last weekend’s Academy Awards mix-up to a spate of JCC bomb threats and Jewish cemetery desecrations, one thing is for sure: Whatever world we… Read More

A Grandmother’s Pride

It was with much pride that I read the JT’s “Soldiering On” (Feb. 17) about those from outside of Israel who serve as lone soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces. My pride is in the fact that my grandson, Tzvi Rotenberg, served as a lone soldier in the IDF after completing his studies at Yeshivat… Read More