Proud to Call Zirkin a Colleague

I take strong exception to the JT’s March 31 “From This View” column by Evan Serpick, “Bobby Zirkin Doesn’t Represent Our Values.” To the contrary, Zirkin represents our values and our community very well. I could provide a long list, but here are a few reasons why state Sen. Zirkin is an excellent representative: >… Read More

The Lessons of Passover

Every year on Passover, we chronicle our triumphant liberation from Egypt and renew our pledge to welcome the stranger, as we were strangers in Egypt. But the lessons of Passover are more profound beyond what’s on the pages of the haggadah. As area rabbis told the JT for this week’s cover story, there is an… Read More

I Vote on Substance, Not Party

I am writing in response to an ideological and personal attack that was printed in the Jewish Times on March 31 (“Bobby Zirkin Doesn’t Represent Our Values”). First, it is important to consider the source. The writer of the mean-spirited and factually deficient editorial, Evan Serpick, is director of strategic communications for the Open Society… Read More

Do It for the Children Parshat Tzav

The Shabbat before Passover is called Shabbat Hagadol (the Great Sabbath), a phrase deriving from the last verse of the prophetic portion read on that day, which declares that God will send Elijah the Prophet on the “great day” of the Lord right before the coming of the redemption. Let us attempt to link Elijah… Read More

The Violent Few

As a Jewish community, we have always thought of ourselves as peaceful and law abiding — with our most vitriolic arguments carried out in news releases, blog rants and Facebook posts. Sure, we may be hotheaded or even argumentative, but that’s because we fight with words. But violent? No way. Yet, a growing amount of… Read More

Haley’s Comet Flies over AIPAC

The days of Israel bashing are over,” U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said to cheering thousands at the AIPAC Policy Conference last week. And amid the smiling faces of those celebrating her words, there were many who exhaled in relief. There clearly is a new sheriff guarding U.S. and Israel interests at… Read More

‘Mistakes Were Made’ Parshat Vaykira

We all know the scene. A public official, team leader or authority figure (even, gasp, a rabbi) stands in front of a room after some kind of scandal has been revealed and utters these words (usually with a sense of practiced earnestness), “Mistakes were made … .” While the phrase has a long history in… Read More

A Conundrum of Wages

Last week, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh announced her decision to veto a bill that would raise the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour. While the City Council practically had a veto-proof majority, one councilperson told the JT they would not go against the mayor but instead would uphold the veto, essentially killing the bill…. Read More

Dear Mr. Kushner … a Letter from the Other Side

I am not the obvious person to write a letter to you. We are different from each other in so many ways. You work for a Republican administration, and I am a life-long Democrat. Your family is from Belarus and Poland; mine is from Hungary and Czechoslovakia. Our visions and hopes for Israel are different… Read More