Blazing Trails

Every now and then, I have an experience that truly puts me in the shoes of others. The roundtable discussion Justin Silberman and I took part in for this week’s cover story about five young women in the political arena was just that kind of experience. While I was completely aware that women face different… Read More

The Meaning of Kashrut Parashat Shmini

This Shabbat we read Parshat Shmini, which deals with the laws of keeping kosher. The Torah provides the laws for what we should and should not eat. Land creatures must have split hoofs and chew their cud. Sea creatures must have scales and fins. We cannot eat birds of prey or scavenger birds. For bugs,… Read More

Pesach’s Heroes

We owe a debt of gratitude to the tireless work that our women do to prepare the house for Pesach. Every year, I find myself saying that I don’t know how they do it. But we also owe a debt of gratitude to the many other people in the chain who help us get everything… Read More

We Can Start by Listening to Immigrant Leaders

Jews everywhere have been horrified to see the beginnings of a crackdown on undocumented immigrants, which threatens to shatter families and communities and send people back to the dangerous circumstances they fled. This was happening under President Barack Obama, and now President Donald Trump has set in motion a massive expansion of the deportation machine,… Read More

Full Steam Ahead

It’s hard to believe it was more than 25 years ago when a group of Baltimore’s Jewish community leaders and business executives sat down to talk about how to absorb the influx of Russian Jewish immigrants to Israel. It was the late 1980s, shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union, and unemployment hit double… Read More

Spicer’s Yom HaShoah Lesson

It would be simple to play the moral outrage card on White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s confused comparison of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons and Adolf Hitler’s refraining from gassing enemy troops on the battlefield (but killing millions of Jews with that method to effect his Final Solution). But we detect… Read More

Is Taylor Force the Right Approach?

In March 2016, a 29-year-old former U.S. Army officer named Taylor Force was fatally stabbed in Jaffa, Israel, reportedly by a Palestinian resident of the West Bank, who was himself killed. The attack came during the so-called Knife Intifada carried out by mostly young Palestinians. In death, Taylor Force lent his name to a Senate… Read More

People of the Book James Rosenquist Wasn't Jewish

Somehow, James Rosenquist wasn’t Jewish, neither were Rauschenberg, Oldenburg, Wesselman, Hamilton, Warhol or Jasper Johns. The only Jew among the famous pop artists was Roy Lichtenstein. Art never got more “Jewish” than abstract expressionism, but pop art was most definitely “goyish.” Jews were too busy making popular culture to think about whether it was high… Read More

Zirkin’s Fact Is Fiction

I was surprised that Sen. Bobby Zirkin responded to my column describing his record during the 2017 General Assembly with a discursive 1300-word treatise that veered into unrelated and false ad hominem attacks and misinformation about his policy positions. Zirkin opens his column with the totally false claim that my employer, Open Society Foundations (OSF),… Read More

Being Zayde It Must Be Passover

Yes, it is that time of year again. Something we look forward to during the short days of winter. It is precisely the anticipation of spring that awakens the soul and gives us the realization that we made it through another winter to enjoy the fruits of spring and summer — but it’s more than… Read More