Give Trump a Chance

I am ashamed and disappointed in the way many of my fellow Jews are acting with regards to the swearing in of our new president, Donald J. Trump (“Groups Ready for March on Washington,” Jan. 13). This is not the Jewish way. Yes, we all have the right to protest, but what are you protesting… Read More

Stop Talking About Race

I am scratching my head as to why the Jan. 20 editorial, “Woodmont Not Playing its ‘A’ Game,” brings up President Barack Obama’s race when the issue Woodmont had with Obama was simply his lack of support for Israel. This seems to be a common theme of the liberal left media — making race an… Read More

Support for Woodmont

I was very surprised to see the Baltimore Jewish Times take a negative position toward the Woodmont Country Club’s stance against President Barack Obama (“Woodmont Not Playing its ‘A’ Game,” Jan. 20). The one-two punch of the Iran deal and the U.N. vote has cemented President Obama’s legacy as the worst president in Israel’s history…. Read More

No Third-Rate Hack Job

It is tempting to dismiss allegations of Russian hacking during last fall’s presidential election as blame shifting by sore losers in the Democratic Party and/or the work of a socially-awkward teenage hacker working from his parent’s basement. Various figures on the right, including President Donald Trump himself, have intimated as much. But faced with the… Read More

The True Purpose of the Plagues Parshat Vaera

Parashat Vaera is all action: The first six plagues descend on Egypt and Pharaoh responds in kind, creating the dramatic and suspenseful story that will culminate in God redeeming the Israelite slaves from Egypt. The plagues are high drama, a fast-moving blockbuster film. Blood. Frogs. Lice. Insects. Pestilence. Boils. My skin crawls and my scalp… Read More

The Power of Women Parshat Shemot

In decreeing the destruction of the Israelites in Egypt, why does Pharaoh distinguish between the genders? Apparently afraid to keep the Israelite men alive lest they wage a rebellion against him, Pharaoh is confident that the Israelite women will not pose a threat, as they will presumably marry Egyptian men and assimilate into Egyptian society…. Read More

Thank You, Chief Johnson

Over the past 12 years, I have had the honor to interact with an accomplished public servant, Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson. What impressed me most during Chief Johnson’s 12-year tenure was that the Baltimore County homicide rate was one-tenth that of Baltimore City, violent crime was consistently down to record low levels, and… Read More

Rabbi Not Required

The brouhaha over Rabbi Seymour Rosenbloom’s stand on interfaith marriage is based on “fake news” — namely, that you need a rabbi to officiate at a Jewish wedding (“The Jewish Future,” Jan. 13). The Hebrew Bible only prohibited intermarriage with the seven Canaanite tribes; it was Ezra the Scribe who — unilaterally, autocratically, with no… Read More

Embarrassed by Remark

We are concerned about some of the generalizations made in “People of the Book?” (Jan. 6) by Evan Tucker. Regarding Jews, he states: “We’re difficult people at the best of times. At the worst of times? I don’t need to tell you.” We are embarrassed by such a remark because of its gross characterization of… Read More

Woodmont Not Playing its ‘A’ Game

“Yeah, you go ahead and bar the first black president from your country club. Forget what the 1950s felt like.” This tweet followed the news, first  reported Jan. 10 by the New York Post, that the historically Jewish Woodmont Country Club in Rockville was debating — “at each other’s throats,” was the Post’s description —… Read More