The Threat Within

This country has been good for us, and we have prospered (“When You’re Here, You’re Family,” May 12). We are safe and integrated into society. But one of the ironies is that this has enabled many Jews to drift and be absorbed into society and gradually lose contact with their roots and brethren. Others choose… Read More

People of the Book Chekhov Aleichem

In interviews, Amos Oz often talks about the revelations Chekhov gave him. When he first read Chekhov, he realized he could write about the people he knew — their disappointments, failures, thwarted aspirations (and Chekhov, the great poet of the disappointing life, knew how to write differently about all three). Chekhov writes about rural Russia, but… Read More

When You’re Here, You’re Family Parshat Emor

Since Judaism teaches that all Jews are responsible for each other, the hemorrhaging of the number of diaspora Jews actively involved in Jewish life, or even identifying as Jews, is a source of grave concern. How might we inspire our Jewish siblings to remain within, or return to, Jewish tradition? We must remember that the… Read More

Can Trump Survive Abbas?

There was something of a motivational speaker about President Donald Trump as he welcomed Mahmoud Abbas, the geronto-crat at the helm of the Palestinian Authority for the last 12 years, to the White House on May 3. At their joint appearance, Trump was confident and beaming. Abbas, in turn, came across as eager and respectful…. Read More

Pillars of Community

As our Jewish institutions age, so do its members, and with that comes the task of finding the next generation of philanthropists, volunteers and organizers. Fortunately, some community stalwarts foster change even as they celebrate many decades of service. As you’ll read in this week’s JT, members of the Covenant Guild have been engaging in… Read More

The Toxic Brew of Politics and Religion

Here’s a thought experiment: Imagine your rabbi dedicating his Yom Kippur sermon to why he will be voting for Candidate X come Election Day and why you should as well. Now suppose the rabbi made that endorsement because your congregation’s biggest donor asked that he do so in exchange for an unprecedented gift to the… Read More

Abbas’ Photo Op

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ recent reception at the White House provided the optics for a new Middle East peace push, even though it does not appear to have generated any actual momentum. But the high-profile reception did give legitimacy to the Palestinian leader, notwithstanding the fact that he is despised at home, is still in… Read More

Missing Steve’s Deli

I loved going to Steve’s Deli, and the before-game lunch at Steve’s became as much anticipated as the Ravens game itself (“Just Like That, Steve’s Deli Closes Its Doors,” Jan. 6). A friend and I attended together once each year. I will miss Steve and his deli.