A Booming Baltimore

I wrote a news brief for this week’s JT about Union Craft Brewing’s forthcoming Union Collective — the brewery’s future home, where it will expand the brewery and house several other local businesses, including The Charmery, the Baltimore Whiskey Company and Earth Treks. So, what’s the big deal about a brewery, ice cream shop, whiskey… Read More

People of the Book The Tolerance of Jewish Intolerance

I came across one of those trivial click-bait internet articles today that inevitably claimed it would “blow my mind.” But this one made an impression on me. The article’s about a recently out lesbian teen who shares her aunt’s horribly bigoted opinions about her choices, followed by an equally insulting apology. When the teen fights… Read More

Emotional Moment

Thank you for your June 23 article “Israel’s World Cup Lacrosse Team Has Baltimore Connection.” My daughter, Kim, is on the team, as she was in 2013 when Israel first played in the quadrennial World Games. I write to share from that tournament one of the most emotional moments of my 60-some years. In Israel’s… Read More

Thank You, JT

I applaud the JT’s June 29 editorial, “Israel’s Government Crashes Into the Wall,” regarding the Israel government’s move that further alienates Jew from Jew. I have sadly watched the JT move right and observant in content year upon year. I didn’t expect your clear response. I am pleased this editorial links arms with all Jews… Read More

Same Old, Same Old

The JT’s editorial of June 29, “Israel’s Government Crashes Into the Wall,” brings to mind Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity. The representatives of the Reform and Conservative movements, Women of the Wall, JFNA and the other Diaspora-affiliated organizations listed in the editorial are not insane, so why do they continue to keep doing the same… Read More

Israel’s Un-Welcome Mat

This week, 10,000 athletes from 80 countries converged on Israel for the 20th Maccabiah Games, “the Jewish Olympics.” Those are impressive numbers compared to the 800 athletes from 19 countries who participated in Israel’s first Maccabiah Games in 1950. It makes sense for the Jewish Olympics to take place in Israel, which Jews around the… Read More

Fill the Anti-Semitism Envoy Position

If we were living in a vacuum, the Jewish community wouldn’t be “entitled” to a State Department office with an envoy assigned to monitor and combat anti- Semitism. But there are at least three reasons why the office — which the Trump administration has left unstaffed since July 1 — should be filled. First, the… Read More

Who Are the Jewish People? Parshat Balak

Who, or what, defines Israel, and why does it matter? If deeply concerning trends continue in the United States, research and ample anecdotal evidence indicate that those succeeding in affecting views toward Israel are the very people who attack it as a racist, discriminatory occupier lacking any moral or political legitimacy. Noble attempts to brand… Read More

Caring for Enemy Soldiers a Fundamental IDF Value

One of the greatest challenges of a medical corps team member is to care for captured and wounded enemy soldiers. I served as an army medic during the 1967 Six Day War in the battle over Jerusalem and as a battalion physician in the 1973 Yom Kippur War in the Sinai Desert. In both wars,… Read More

People of the Book Tales From the Old New Land

Records of our symbiotic relationship to books goes back to the Davidic court and probably much further. Our books are records for us and a wormhole to the inner experience of other places, other eras, other people who dealt with problems not entirely unlike our own. Similarly, old civilizations were at least as connected to… Read More