What Was the Sin? Parshat Pinchas

Why did Pinchas kill Kozbi? Was it because of her immoral sexual seduction of an Israelite, Zimri ben Salou, or because she and her Midianite clan worshipped the idol Pe’or? Rashi (ad loc.) is aware of the ambiguity of the verse and suggests that the end-goal of the Midianites, and the reason for which they… Read More

Doing Our Part

Northern Parkway is no longer the dividing line that it once was. Communities to the north are integrated. Communities to the south affect those to the north. “Uplifting the city and its neighborhoods can in turn uplift the entire Baltimore area — and its residents along with it,” managing editor Marc Shapiro wrote in his June… Read More

Not-So-Jewish Marriage

The headline that the JT chose for its June 28 cover story, “Something Old, Something New,” comes from an Old English (not Jewish) rhyme. If you had wanted it to sound “Jewish,” perhaps you could have paraphrased it to say, “Something Holy, Something True.” But alas, there really was not much in the article that was… Read More

Road to Understanding

Israel is a democracy with a strong Orthodox Jewish influence in guiding government decisions (“Dividing Wall,” July 5). Within Israel, the government can decide who is a Jew and who can pray where and when. It is a matter of law in a sovereign state. In recent years, there has been some tension between Jews… Read More

Netanyahu’s Indian Bromance

It wasn’t exactly “From Here to Eternity,” but the image of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, up to their shins in the Mediterranean surf and discussing desalination, says a lot about the budding romance between the two Asian democracies. Modi, in Israel last week, was received by Israelis with… Read More

The Dangers of North Korea

North Korea is getting closer to being able to attack the United States. According to officials, the “medium range” intercontinental ballistic missile that North Korea launched on July 4 had a range of at least 5,000 miles, enough to reach Alaska. But it will apparently take several more years for the Pyongyang government to be… Read More

A Booming Baltimore

I wrote a news brief for this week’s JT about Union Craft Brewing’s forthcoming Union Collective — the brewery’s future home, where it will expand the brewery and house several other local businesses, including The Charmery, the Baltimore Whiskey Company and Earth Treks. So, what’s the big deal about a brewery, ice cream shop, whiskey… Read More

People of the Book The Tolerance of Jewish Intolerance

I came across one of those trivial click-bait internet articles today that inevitably claimed it would “blow my mind.” But this one made an impression on me. The article’s about a recently out lesbian teen who shares her aunt’s horribly bigoted opinions about her choices, followed by an equally insulting apology. When the teen fights… Read More

Emotional Moment

Thank you for your June 23 article “Israel’s World Cup Lacrosse Team Has Baltimore Connection.” My daughter, Kim, is on the team, as she was in 2013 when Israel first played in the quadrennial World Games. I write to share from that tournament one of the most emotional moments of my 60-some years. In Israel’s… Read More

Thank You, JT

I applaud the JT’s June 29 editorial, “Israel’s Government Crashes Into the Wall,” regarding the Israel government’s move that further alienates Jew from Jew. I have sadly watched the JT move right and observant in content year upon year. I didn’t expect your clear response. I am pleased this editorial links arms with all Jews… Read More