Misguided Energy

I was disappointed to read about the anti-BDS bill (“An Impassioned Debate,” March 10). The energy that Jewish institutional advocates like the BJC and JCRC are putting into this bill, especially at a time of escalating acts of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and racism, is a profound betrayal of the Jewish people and our values. Do they… Read More

Thanks for ‘Scrap’

The JT’s Feb. 3 cover story “More than Junk, It’s Scrap!” was a refreshing look into Baltimore’s Jewish history. I would like to see more articles of this type in the JT. The article gave me a sense of the forces that shaped Baltimore’s industrial history and paved way for today’s dynamic Jewish community. It… Read More

Time for Morhaim to Go

Ethics and legality are mutually exclusive of one another in the case of Del. Dan Morhaim’s actions as a consultant to a company involved with medical cannabis (“Morhaim Reprimanded for Ethics Issue,” March 10). Disclosure doesn’t make it right. He crossed the line as a public official helping a private enterprise, and though there is… Read More

Morhaim Should Resign

Even though the legislature unanimously voted to reprimand Del. Dan Morhaim (“Morhaim Reprimanded for Ethics Issue,” March 10), he continues to justify his actions and blame others for his failings (“Your Say,” March 17). He has failed in his ability to act as an effective representative of his constituents in District 11 and demonstrated the… Read More

Keep Them Out

Regarding the JT’s editorial “Is Israel Shutting the Door on Skeptics?” (March 17), those who the anti-BDS law keeps out are not just visitors or skeptics, they are Israel’s’ enemies. BDS, as its perpetrators brag, attacks Israel by economic, diplomatic and social ostracism of its institutions, enterprises and people. One proponent claims BDS is psychological… Read More

System Has Failed Us

It was disheartening to read the “defense” by Del. Dan Morhaim (“Your Say,” March 17) of his conduct and the lack of action taken by the Ethics Committee of our state legislature. Morhaim is using the Hillary Clinton defense: I did nothing illegal; illegality is a term of criminal law; ethics is defined by Merriam-Webster… Read More

Kippah Misuse and Kippah Abuse

The kippah, the head covering also known as a yarmulke, has become shorthand for Jewish. See a man with a skullcap and, unless he’s the pope, you’ll probably assume that he’s a Jew — and you’d probably be right. That shorthand has been used in two very different ways lately. Both have shown a disregard… Read More

America the Loser with ‘America First’

In selling the new administration’s astonishingly thin budget proposal last week, Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney said that it “represents a president who is beholden to nobody but the voters.” “He is following through on his promises,” Mulvaney went on. “We did not consult with special interests on how to write this… Read More

Repetition and Renewal Parshat Vayakhel-Pekudei

Why repeat, as this week’s Torah portion does, all the details of the construction of the Mishkan after we have already heard them, when they were initially commanded? Would it not have been simpler to deal with the entire execution of external building, furnishings and priestly garb with the single verse: “And the People of… Read More

In Search of Leaders

As former director of Jews for Judaism, I used to view my Orthodox Judaism as a badge of honor. I was part of a group that was upholding the values of my ancestors. I was a link to a people who had courageously refused to bow down to the gods of hatred, indifference, self-seeking and… Read More