Kushner a Slumlord

According to the May 23 issue of The New York Times Magazine, even though thousands of people in Baltimore know that Jared Kushner is Trump’s son-in-law, many city residents might not know that he is also the owner and stakeholder of JK2 Westminster Management, LLC. JK stands for Jared Kushner, and his company owns thousands… Read More

Being the Best We Can

This week’s Haftorah is about the birth of Samson the Nazarite. His mother was not able to have children, so she prayed to G-d for a miracle and to bless her with a child. An angel informed the mother of rules that she must follow, including not drinking wine, keeping kosher, not touching a dead… Read More

Trump’s Cuts to Foreign Aid Are Dangerous, Inhumane

Last week, President Donald Trump proposed radical and cruel cuts to U.S. foreign aid. If his budget for 2018 is approved by Congress and implemented, it would slash crucial aid and development programs and weaken key institutions upholding human rights worldwide. Each year, I speak with thousands of people in Asia, Africa, Latin America and… Read More

In Praise of the Parkway

The Parkway Theater is the greatest artistic development in Baltimore City in my lifetime. Nothing comes close. If you need to find me for the duration of Trump’s presidency, I will be in the front rows of MICA’s new art-film theater, adjusting my spine to the curvature of its seats. Nothing prepared me for my… Read More

For Love of Community

This past winter, in the midst of the bomb threats to JCCs across the country, I witnessed something incredible. I was in a meeting at the JCC with Jewish Volunteer Connection when we learned of a bomb threat to the JCC next door and heard we needed to evacuate. As we left the building, I… Read More

People of the Book The Unwinding - A History of the Distant Present

The world is 7 billion stories waiting to be told. America is perhaps the only nation conceived on the principle that individual stories are worth telling, but in this era of foreclosure, it’s the nation most likely to walk back its promise to tell them. No matter what America ever aspired to be, we’ve never come… Read More

An Open Tent

While I was covering the JCC Biennial in Baltimore last year, I heard a story that I felt was truly emblematic of what community means. Looking to capture the contributions of Baltimore’s Jewish leaders at the Biennial, I sat in on a session in which JCC of Greater Baltimore CEO Barak Hermann and Rabbi Jessy… Read More

More Meat

Regarding the JT’s May 19 cover story, “Kosher Evolution,” you now can add to the list Atara Foods, which is bringing to the community Atara brand meat under the Star-K and Tender brand meat. The latter is hindquarter Beit Yosef beef under Mekor Ben Haim supervision.