Don’t Leave Out the ‘Why’ of Ritual Parshah Ki Tavo

There is a passage at the beginning of this week’s Torah portion that also appears in the Passover Haggadah. It concerns the prayer which begins: “When you come into the land which Adonai has given you, and dwell there, you will take the first fruit of the ground … and you will come to the… Read More

A Secure New Year

The new year at Jewish day schools involves more than new teachers, new clothes and new backpacks. Particularly in a calendar year that began with a wave of bomb threats phoned to Jewish institutions across the country and a summer that ended with death and injuries caused by white supremacists marching in Charlottesville, day schools… Read More

How to Help Houston

The size and devastation of Hurricane Harvey came as a surprise. The scenes of catastrophic flooding were barely comprehensible as one of the nation’s largest cities appeared to sink beneath unrelenting rainfall. Four feet of rain fell on Houston, the greatest amount of precipitation from a tropical system in the continental United States. Houston is… Read More

Blinded by the Left

There are many of us who detest the bashing of our president, the lies foisted upon his every action (“Still Their Man,” Sept. 1). We don’t speak out as much as we could out of fear of negative retaliation. The left has the voice today. Freedom of speech is gone. It turns out that Antifa… Read More

People of the Book The Xanadu of Kosher Food

Remember Miracle Market? The kosher supermarket that was open for just a few years in the ’90s? It was owned by the children of landsleit from my zaydie’s shtetl. My parents always remained friendly with them, and I vividly remember them joking around. My father once pitched them an idea for a advertising slogan: “Miracle… Read More

Complaining Rabbis Got Outmaneuvered by Trump

What is a Jewish group supposed to do when it wants to make a principled statement to the president of the United States? How aggressive should it be? And how carefully should its members consider the political ramifications of what they are doing? After President Trump’s defense of the white supremacists who staged the deadly… Read More

A Good Reminder

The news out of Houston has been absolutely devastating and the pictures heart-wrenching. I can hardly imagine what it’s like to be there right now. As of this writing, at least 10 people have died due to Hurricane Harvey, and homeowners will deal with an estimated $30 billion in damages while the city is still… Read More

Still in Shock

This is directed to my Jewish brothers and sisters who still unequivocally support Donald Trump. Given the recent events of Charlottesville, Va., I am still in shock by the response of the president (I cannot even refer to him as our president) that multiple sides were responsible for the chaos that occurred. We have one… Read More

Do Jews Have a Dog in This Fight?

It is easy to dismiss the Confederate statue issue as one for personal engagement or not (“Jewish Baltimore Stands with Charlottesville,” Aug. 18). Some may say the issue of symbols is much to do about nothing. But consider how you would feel about a statue of Hitler in Wyman Park, and the intensity of symbols… Read More

Lost but Found Parshah Ki Tetze

This week’s parshah reminds us to turn toward, rather than away from, particularly with regard to the laws relating to lost objects and animals. “You are not to see the ox of your brother or his sheep wandering away and hide yourself from them; you are to return, yes, return them to your brother …… Read More