Support Human Rights In Hungary

Once counted among Central European countries making a steady transition from communism to liberal democracy, Hungary is increasingly a cause for concern. Much of that concern focuses on the anti-Semitism and racism of politicians belonging to the country’s far-right Jobbik party, the third largest in Parliament, and the government’s weak or non-existent response to mounting… Read More

The Notable Mr. Lew

What’s notable about Jack Lew as President Barack Obama’s choice for treasury secretary is not that he is an Orthodox Jew who will somehow be a novelty in government. Lew is a 30-year Washington veteran, with impressive experience in government. Among other things, he is a former budget director for Presidents Obama and Clinton and… Read More

Jews Who Hate … Jews

We all have opinions, yet some of us are more outspoken, partisan, dogmatic or ideological than others. Some are unquestioningly convinced not only of the correctness of their beliefs, but also — at the same time — of  the stupidity of mine. I am especially disturbed when Jews direct their close-minded ire toward any other… Read More

God Of Guns

A month after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, two haunting images are seared into my mind. The first is the smiling countenance of 6-year old Noah Pozner, the youngest of the 20 children to die in the shooting. Noah was hit 11 times and buried in a blue tallit that he will never… Read More

Boo, Eric Cantor

I remember earlier this year the JT had a feature about Rep. Eric Cantor  and called him the Southern gentleman from Virginia. I must say, watching him from behind Speaker Boehner, it appears to me that he is trying to push himself in as the new leader of the house by undermining, rather that helping,… Read More

Pork In The Bill

There are predators that “chase” ambulances and hearses to take advantage of or prey on the injured or dead for personal gain. The defeat of the  important Hurricane Sandy relief bill is the result of such selfish members of Congress who have no remorse over America’s pending financial disaster and played poker without the slightest… Read More

Women At The Western Wall

For unknown reasons, articles on women at the Western Wall (“Women at the Western Wall,” online only, Dec. 31) overlook a fact on the ground. The Israeli Supreme Court approved an arrangement whereby there are two sections of the Western Wall. The Western Wall Plaza follows minhag Jerusalem, which is Orthodox, while Robinson’s Arch is… Read More

Thank You

We want to thank the Jewish Times for its cover story about Ken Gelula and CHAI (“Life of CHAI,” Dec. 21).  On behalf of the entire CHAI community — especially our clients and residents — we want to confirm that the story captured the essence of Ken Gelula, the man and the greatness of his… Read More

NRA Remarks, Not Meaningful

I was distressed to see the Jewish Times give prominence to a story describing the National  Rifle Association’s position on the Newtown  Conn., school massacre (“At Last, NRA Speaks Out,” Dec. 28). The NRA is a trade association largely funded by the gun manufacturing industry and its sole mission is to sell more guns. You… Read More

More Impressive Company

I read with interest the article “Impressive Company” (Dec. 28).  However, the author made some factual errors. Sen. Joseph Lieberman is not the first Orthodox Jew in Congress. Congressman Hebert Tenzer (N.Y.) was my congressman as a young man growing up in the five towns. He also served as president of Congregation Beth Shalom and… Read More