It Helps to Have Friends

Anyone who’s ever seen a American Magen David Adom ambulance speed down an Israeli street in an emergency has likely marveled at seeing his or her hometown — or the names emblazoned as donors on the side of the white and ride-modified Chevrolet — and been infused with a sense of pride. There goes a… Read More

A Bar Mitzvah That Makes Us All Proud

Throughout my career I have attended well over 2,000 b’nai mitzvah, all of them are special and unique. Yet, every so often one Shabbat morning stands out from the others and I know that the Beth El community is celebrating a significant Jewish success. For the last 10 years, Beth El Congregation has committed itself… Read More

Abolish Amtrak

Reading the JT’s article on the Amtrak disaster (“Dreams Derailed,” May 22) saddened me. I have been a severe critic of Amtrak and the way it does business since the late 1980s. Any passenger who rides Amtrak is taking a serious risk in terms of his/her safety. Would you believe that from the time I… Read More

Whatever It Takes To Reduce Crime

Let me begin by stating, unequivocally, that this is not meant as a criticism of either our city administration, the City Council, the Baltimore Police Department, the State’s Attorney’s office or the good people of our great city. To be sure, none of us is perfect, but then none of us is to blame either…. Read More

Fox Is Good News for Israel

Steven Weissman in his Your Say letter (“Israel Doesn’t Need Fox News,” May 22) comes to an incorrect conclusion. Fox News is the broadcast news outlet that is the most supportive of Israel both in its regular news presentation and with its daily commentators. Fox News constantly has guests and regulars on its programs who… Read More

The Crowning Glory of American Pharoah

It’s not often that an American Jewish publication chooses to comment on a horse race. And we certainly claim no expertise regarding the coveted Triple Crown of horse racing. But American Pharoah is a rare hose. Having won the Kentucky Derby and Maryland’s Preakness Stakes last month, the thoroughbred stands to be the first Triple… Read More

A Miracle in Baltimore?

Is it a miracle that the beautiful building of Shaarei Tfiloh Congregation, just 150 feet from where rioters tossed rocks at police and two blocks from stores that were devastated at the Mondawmin Mall during the recent Baltimore riots wasn’t damaged? My father, Dr. Nathan Drazin, became the first rabbi of Shaarei Tfiloh in 1933…. Read More

Gov’s Decision Slams Book Shut

Many thanks to Marc Shapiro for his coverage of the 2015 Maryland General Assembly session (“Lawmakers Look Back on Session,” May 22). One item of importance to many in the Jewish community is a program that provides aid to nonpublic schools for the purchase of textbooks and computer hardware and software. Begun under the Glendening… Read More

Our Ability to Accept

“And Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Cushite (Midianite) woman he had taken to wife (and divorced). And they said, ‘Did the Lord speak only to Moses? Did He not also speak to us?’” Toward the end of our biblical reading, we find this very strange dialogue between Miriam and Aaron, the… Read More

Communal Commitment

One need only look at the images coming out of southeast Texas last week to realize there’s little Houston, the state’s largest city, could have done to mitigate the death and destruction wrought by day after day of rain producing the largest-ever flooding in the Lone Star State’s history. There’s little the state itself, for… Read More