Supporting the Deal Is Our Best Tool in Stopping Iran

We all owe Sen. Ben Cardin a debt of thanks for ensuring that the P5+1 nuclear weapons agreement President Barrack Obama negotiated with Iran will receive 60 days of careful examination by our elected representatives. Now, with just a couple weeks to go before Congress must vote on the agreement, Cardin, the senior member of… Read More

Paying to Pray? No: Supporting as Part of Belonging

We’ve all heard this story, and some of us have lived it: A Jewish individual or couple, new in town or newly seeking to reconnect with the Jewish community, walks into a worship space just before the start time of a High Holy Days service and starts to enter the sanctuary, only to be stopped… Read More

Argentina’s Unsolved Mysteries

Argentina is saddled with two unsolved mysteries. The first is the source of the 1994 AMIA Jewish center bombing attack in Buenos Aires that killed 85 people, for which the government has never brought charges. In January, prosecutor Alberto Nisman was hours away from presenting evidence of a government cover-up of the attack when he… Read More

Let the Senate Vote

All that remains now is the vote. With Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski’s announcement last week that she will support the Iran nuclear deal, President Barack Obama has enough committed votes to sustain his promised veto of congressional legislation to oppose his signature foreign policy initiative. Now, the White House is counting heads of the remaining… Read More

Our Guide and Our Light

This week’s Haftarah is a poem from the Book of Isaiah. It is the sixth of seven “Haftarot of Consolation,” meaning that six weeks ago was Tisha B’Av, which commemorates the destruction of the Second Temple. What sets this Haftarah apart from the other readings preceding it is that it goes beyond just being comforting…. Read More

Everything Old Can Be New Again Parshat Ki Tavo

A few weeks ago, in studying Parshat Re’eh, I noted that the Torah gives us a great gift of joy — a command to celebrate with one’s entire household — tucked into a long passage replete with warnings of failures and curses literally shouted from the mountaintops. This week, in Parshat Ki Tavo, our tradition… Read More

New Year, New Leaf

If my email inboxes — which aggregate messages not only dealing with the community here in Baltimore, but in Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh and Philadelphia (all markets served by JT publisher Mid-Atlantic Media) as well — are any indication of reality, the only thing people seem to be talking about these days is the Iran deal…. Read More

Iran Situation Needs Kennedy-like Strength

There should never have been any negotiations with Iran (“The Day After the Iran Deal,” Aug. 21). This pipsqueak nation brought the U.S., the biggest and strongest country in the world, down to its knees. We should have just told them we are coming with our core of engineers to sweep the country looking for… Read More

Yes to Iran Deal? That’s Treason

Why can’t anyone say what is obvious?  Paving the way to a nuclear Iran is not just insane, it should be called what it certainly is: treason (“For or Against? Let’s Debate,” Aug. 28). There is no other word for aiding and abetting a sworn enemy, and there is no other time but now to… Read More

Truth Is, Money Spurred Switch to OU

I have no horse in the race between OU and Star-K. Both are fine with me, but your Aug. 21 article “Pearlstone Moves Kosher Certification to Orthodox Union” only confirms my observation that this is the age of useless verbiage. Not much sound and fury, but a whole half page signifying nothing: “to better fulfill… Read More