A Happier Birthday

Last Thursday, I celebrated my 26th birthday, and it got me thinking: I’m certainly in a different place in my professional life than I was this time last year. On March 21 — last year — I had reached a point where I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to be a journalist anymore.

Why I Hate Technology

I’m old enough to have learned to type on an Apple IIe and to have saved my files on eight-inch floppy disks. But I’m young enough to still be at least as, if not more, technologically adept than my children. I can pretty easily learn and find new programs and best practices on the computer,… Read More

Thanks, JCC

Sometimes I forget what it is like to have total, unadulterated fun with my children. Between work, cleaning, packing lunches, exercising, volunteering and  just plain life (paying bills, taking the car in to the shop, etc.) there is just so little time to enjoy what is truly most important: Shlomo, Netanya, Devarya and Shai. Until… Read More

Off The Wall

End of the year or a new beginning? That is the question many of us will ask ourselves next week when the clock strikes midnight and the year 2013 commences. In the past, like many in American society, I would make New Year’s resolutions. “This year, I am going to spend more time with family.”… Read More

Hold the Phone

A few nights ago, I sat down for dinner at one of my favorite Owings Mills restaurants. What I went on to witness still has me shaking my head. Surveying my surroundings, I see at the table nearest to mine what appears to be a typical American family out for an evening meal. A relatively… Read More

The Name Game

Two weeks ago this Sunday, I gave birth to my fourth child — a third daughter. With all of our previous children, coming up with a name was easy. My oldest was named after his great-zayde, Shlomo Raphael. When I was expecting my second, we spent the second half of the pregnancy worried that she… Read More