Heed Begin’s Words From 30 Years Ago

With the looming drama surrounding the Iran nuke deal (“Iran: No Deal Is Better Than Bad Deal” and ‘Were Not Giving Away Anything,’ Sept. 4), I strongly believe as the main source of Jewish press in Baltimore, you should be required to print a speech given by Menachem Begin in May 1981. The short speech… Read More

Refugees And The (Young) Jewish Problem

Neil Rubin, Ph.D., is a former senior editor of the Baltimore Jewish Times and an area educator.

By now the haunting vision of the dead 3-year-old Syrian boy — Aylan Kurdi — on a Turkish beach is iconic. It is a horrifyingly painful representation of the plight of the world’s latest wave of refugees, but one in a year with more forced expatriates than any point since World War II’s bloody end…. Read More

Iran Situation Needs Kennedy-like Strength

There should never have been any negotiations with Iran (“The Day After the Iran Deal,” Aug. 21). This pipsqueak nation brought the U.S., the biggest and strongest country in the world, down to its knees. We should have just told them we are coming with our core of engineers to sweep the country looking for… Read More

Yes to Iran Deal? That’s Treason

Why can’t anyone say what is obvious?  Paving the way to a nuclear Iran is not just insane, it should be called what it certainly is: treason (“For or Against? Let’s Debate,” Aug. 28). There is no other word for aiding and abetting a sworn enemy, and there is no other time but now to… Read More

Truth Is, Money Spurred Switch to OU

I have no horse in the race between OU and Star-K. Both are fine with me, but your Aug. 21 article “Pearlstone Moves Kosher Certification to Orthodox Union” only confirms my observation that this is the age of useless verbiage. Not much sound and fury, but a whole half page signifying nothing: “to better fulfill… Read More

The Iran Deal: An Outrage, Insult

I am sure that the vast majority of those in the American Jewish community, and in Israel, join me in welcoming JT’s strong stand in opposition to the Iran nuclear agreement (editorial: “The Day After the Iran Deal,” Aug. 21). While there are many sound reasons why Congress should overwhelming reject the agreement, one under-appreciated… Read More

Unfounded Hysteria? I Don’t Think So

The writer of the Your Say letter “Jewish Hysteria Unfounded on Iran” (Aug. 21) believes that without an Iran deal, Iran could have the bomb “in one to six months to a year.” He also believes that with a deal, there is the “possibility of a bomb in 10 to 15 years.” Does the writer… Read More

A Dangerously Bad Deal

The Iran deal that President Barack Obama is promoting seems to be a danger to the United States and its Middle East allies, including Israel (“What Happens Next?” Aug. 21). This deal only lasts 10 to 15 years regarding Iran’s obligation to stop working on nuclear weapons capabilities when the breakout time would be near… Read More

Black or White, No Minyan for a Woman

While I have no doubt the author has experienced racism as an African-American Orthodox woman, the question of being counted in a minyan is not applicable to her (“Confronting Racism in Orthodox World,” Aug. 14). It can be applicable to her male counterparts, but as a woman, Chava Shervington is not eligible to be counted… Read More

As Gen. Lee Said:Put Away the Flag

I cannot stand by silently and allow Murray Resnick (Your Say, Aug. 19) as well as Carl Berenholtz (Your Say, Aug. 12) to spit in Gen. Robert E. Lee’s punim (face). If, as Berenholtz contends, the Confederate battle flag is about “heritage, not hate,” then why was it that Gen. Robert E. Lee would have… Read More